Zylpha Bundling (After Dark) 12th May 2020

Originally broadcast live on 12th May 2020 at 7pm (on Facebook Live and Twitch), this recording showcases two new integrations for Visaulfiles, in this, the latest Zylpha Bundling (After Dark) product update video.

In this live stream we covered an initial look at two new integrations for Visualfiles:


The LinkApp is a digital platform designed to help legal teams communicate more efficiently with their clients. Integrated with Visualfiles, it allows for direct communication with clients through the Visualfiles system.

LinkApp provides a secure and easy-to-use interface for clients to receive updates, ask questions, and provide feedback to their legal team. This can help improve client satisfaction, streamline communication processes, and reduce the need for phone calls and emails.

It includes features like pre-determined messages, which can be customised to provide clients with key updates and information. This can help save time and ensure that important information is communicated consistently and accurately.

Overall, the LinkApp is designed to help legal teams provide a better client experience through more efficient and effective communication.


Sinerix is a digital onboarding platform that offers ID verification, e-signatures, and form completion services, with the aim of streamlining the client onboarding process for legal teams.

By leveraging Visualfiles, Sinerix aims to eliminate the need for manual data entry and waiting for physical documents, which can save time and improve efficiency for legal teams. This may be particularly useful for firms that handle a large volume of new client onboarding, where a streamlined process can lead to significant time and cost savings.

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