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What are deal bibles?

Deal Bibles (also known as transaction bibles) are a comprehensive collection of documents that encapsulate all the critical information related to a business deal, investment, or project. These meticulously curated repositories serve as a single source of truth for decision-makers, offering a 360-degree view of the opportunity at hand.

How does deal bible software work?

With Zylpha you collate the documents into the order you would like them to appear and then press ‘create deal bible’ the software will then automatically collate all the files into a single folder, then create a hyperlinked index. Unlike a Court bundle where all the files are converted and merged into a single PDF, a deal bible retains the files in their original format. This means that when you click on a hyperlink from the individually created index it will open in the original file format. With the Zylpha platform you can also create a copy of each file as a PDF if required.

Key functionality of Zylpha Deal Bibles


1. Automatic index

When creating your deal bible with Zylpha, your index is created for you as part of the process. This means that deal bibles can be created in minutes.


2. Automatic hyperlinks

With Zylpha your index is automatically hyperlinked to each file. This removes the chance of errors and duplicates, streamlining your deal bible process.


3. Quick changes

As the index and hyperlinking is done automatically, it means that you can quickly make edits to the arrangement and make changes as and when needed. Generating the revised deal bible in a short amount of time.


4. Dethreading emails & adding email attachments

It’s not uncommon to receive large chains of emails that need to be sorted,deduplicated and then split into each individual email. With Zylpha, the process of dethreading (breaking emails into each separate email) is as simple as the click of the button. Adding email attachments are just as easy.


5. Convert to PDF

As part of the deal bible process you can automatically convert each of the files to a PDF if that is the required output. This means that you don’t have to manually convert each file separately, freeing you up to work on other important matters.

  • Unlimited pages & bundle file size
  • PDF Editor with redaction tools included
  • FREE software updates
  • FREE video training files
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Zylpha UK based support
  • LEAP connector
  • iManage connector
  • Peppermint connector
  • NetDocs connector
  • Preview files before adding
  • File information editing & encryption
  • Customisable product layout, cover page & index
  • Auto-bookmarks, pagination & indexing
  • Document & bundle layout preview
  • Save a bundle template
  • Core-bundle functionality
  • OCR included
  • Email de-threading

Most PCs will be capable of running Zylpha Bundling. We recommended a min of 4GB of RAM and .NET framework 4.6.1 or higher. 64-bit processors are also recommended for sites producing bundles over 5000 pages or 250MB in size. The system will run on machines with lower specifications, but performance may be affected.

The software will convert any documents that are not already in PDF format. The conversion can be handled by the Zylpha Conversion Service, which is based in Azure, or by an “on prem” conversion server.

No other external or server connections are required for day-to-day use, however an internet connection is necessary for licensing and remote PDF conversion.

The Zylpha PDF Editor is a comprehensive all-in-one PDF solution that delivers a wide range of editing and annotation capabilities.

Whether you need to add or highlight important points, redact sensitive information, create hyperlinks, or simply collaborate on a PDF bundle effectively with colleagues and clients, it's all here at your fingertips at no extra charge.

Discover the all PDF editing tools included for FREE on the Zylpha PDF Editor page.

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