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PDF editing, annotation & redaction tools are included with all our paid bundling software plans.

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Edit, annotate & redact - Get the full power of PDF editing for FREE!

For a comprehensive all-in-one PDF solution that delivers a wide range of editing and annotation capabilities, try our PDF Editor tools.

Whether you need to add or highlight important points, redact sensitive information, create hyperlinks, or simply collaborate on a PDF bundle effectively with colleagues and clients, it's all here at your fingertips at no extra charge for all Zylpha users on our paid bundling software plans.

Why use Zylpha's PDF Editor?

Our bundling software is so used for so much more than document bundling. That’s why we wanted to extend it’s functionality so that it is easier than ever to edit source documents. This could be a PDF that has blank pages that need to be removed, sensitive information that needs to be redacted, or maybe you need to add temporary notes to a page about changes that need to be made. With Zylpha's PDF Editor you no longer need to purchase additional PDF editing software - it’s included in your subscription!


1. Redact

  • Text
    Safeguard sensitive information, seamlessly select and redact specific text, and ensure confidential details remain confidential.
  • Area
    Exercise control over privacy by targeting specific regions for redaction. This feature enables you to highlight and redact confidential sections of your documents.
  • Search
    Swiftly locate and redact sensitive data. The search functionality streamlines the redaction process, ensuring a thorough and accurate removal of confidential information.

2. Mark-up

  • Highlight
    Whether you're emphasizing key points or drawing attention to critical information, use the freeform highlight tool for precise highlighting.
  • Draw
    Convey ideas visually using versatile drawing tools. Adding custom drawings, annotations, or sketches directly onto your PDF documents for enhanced visual communication.
  • Erase
    The erase markup tool provides a seamless way to adjust and fine-tune annotations or highlights, ensuring the accuracy of your document edits, so you can correct and refine markups effortlessly.
  • Text
    Improve document comprehension by highlighting key textual passages. This feature allows you to emphasise important information.

3. Annotate

  • Notes
    Incorporate comments and notes within your documents using the note feature. Users can provide context, feedback, or additional information, enhancing communication and collaboration.
  • Change note colour
    Ensure clarity in your document markup by assigning unique note colours to differentiate between types of notes or to highlight specific themes.
  • Symbols
    Add symbols to note icons to easily identify the nature of annotations at a glance and streamline the review process.
  • Text boxes
    Include additional information by adding text boxes to your PDF for a structured and organised result.
  • Callouts
    Direct attention with callouts, guiding readers to specific points of interest and enhancing the overall clarity of the document.

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