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Bundle documents quickly

Zylpha bundling software can be used to produce more than electronic Court bundles. It provides users with the tools to effortlessly create diverse document bundles and information packs. Whether you're assembling management board packs, leasehold information packs, new build legal documentation packs, or brand guideline documents, Zylpha bundling is your comprehensive solution.

Our software will bundle documents into a single PDF, with a front cover and hyperlinked index that seamlessly guides users to sequentially numbered documents. While some eBundles may have segmented sections for different types of information, Zylpha bundling's versatility caters to a wide array of use cases.

How to create a document bundle

Creating a document bundle is a breeze with Zylpha Bundling. Simply arrange your documents in the desired order, click 'create bundle,' and Zylpha bundling will automatically collate all files into a single folder, creating a hyperlinked index for seamless navigation.

Similar to Court bundles, files are converted and merged into a single PDF. Media files (audio & video files) are added as hyperlinked buttons, allowing users to open them in their default media player. This enhances document integrity, making it harder for unauthorised modifications.

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1. Automatic index

When creating your document bundle with Zylpha, your index is automatically generated for you. This means that document bundles can be created in minutes.


2. Quick changes

As the index and hyperlinks are added automatically you can update the final PDF in seconds, which is ideal for keeping information such as management board pack up-to-date with all the latest information.


3. Convert to PDF

Document bundles are a single PDF. Meaning they can be viewed without any specialist software. A Zylpha document bundle can be read on a computer, laptop, phone or tablet without the need (or requirement) for additional software.

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4. Password protect

With Zylpha bundling, it’s easier than ever to protect your document bundles by adding passwords and additional PDF security options, ensuring your eBundles remain confidential.

User review

Melanie Power, Principle of Power Solicitors

"We deal in high profile medical negligence cases, so our knowledge and expertise are always in high demand. It was important to us, therefore, to find a document bundling solution that could cope with the volume and complexity of our cases, which would also integrate with our existing LEAP case management system. We turned to LEAP initially, who without hesitation recommended Zylpha.

"After a short trial, we quickly found that the integration with LEAP was seamless, and that the bundling platform itself is unrivalled in well-thought-out features that are user friendly for the recipient. After 2 years of daily rigorous use, I can honestly say that Zylpha is an integral part of how we work on a day to day basis- it proves to be time efficient and insightful.  We have recommended the software to others as it saves time, is easy to use and allows bundles to be updated seamlessly and quickly which is essential in fast paced litigation. This leaves us more time to focus on our clients’ needs."

  • Unlimited pages & bundle file size
  • PDF Editor with redaction tools included
  • FREE software updates
  • FREE video training files
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Zylpha UK based support
  • LEAP connector
  • iManage connector
  • Peppermint connector
  • NetDocs connector
  • Preview files before adding
  • File information editing & encryption
  • Customisable product layout, cover page & index
  • Auto-bookmarks, pagination & indexing
  • Document & bundle layout preview
  • Save a bundle template
  • Core-bundle functionality
  • OCR included
  • Email de-threading

Most PCs will be capable of running Zylpha Bundling. We recommended a min of 4GB of RAM and .NET framework 4.6.1 or higher. 64-bit processors are also recommended for sites producing bundles over 5000 pages or 250MB in size. The system will run on machines with lower specifications, but performance may be affected.

The software will convert any documents that are not already in PDF format. The conversion can be handled by the Zylpha Conversion Service, which is based in Azure, or by an “on prem” conversion server.

No other external or server connections are required for day-to-day use, however an internet connection is necessary for licensing and remote PDF conversion.

The Zylpha PDF Editor is a comprehensive all-in-one PDF solution that delivers a wide range of editing and annotation capabilities.

Whether you need to add or highlight important points, redact sensitive information, create hyperlinks, or simply collaborate on a PDF bundle effectively with colleagues and clients, it's all here at your fingertips at no extra charge.

Discover the all PDF editing tools included for FREE on the Zylpha PDF Editor page.

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