Jordans Solicitors achieves significant time savings with Zylpha's 'Pay as you go' legal document bundling software

By installing Zylpha’s secure ‘Pay As You Go’ bundling software Gloucestershire-based law firm, Jordan’s Solicitors, has driven practice efficiency and freed up significantly more time to spend with its clients.

Used extensively, over the last twelve months, in conjunction with the practice’s LEAP case management system, the software is enabling Jordans Solicitors to produce legal document e-bundles compliant with modern Court requirements.

Regulated by the SRA, Jordans Solicitors, which opened over 25 years ago, prides itself on being a modern and energetic law firm, providing both the business community and private individuals with exceptionally high-quality advice. It was this driving force toward quality and modern best-practice that led Jordans Solicitors to invest in professional electronic bundling and ultimately to choosing Zylpha’s Pay As You Go document bundling solution.

As Barbara Jordan a Director of Jordans Solicitors observes,

“We chose Zylpha because at face value it works really well with our LEAP case management system and is available on a very flexible Pay As You Go basis. However, it is only really when you use it, that you appreciate the real strengths of the Zylpha bundling product. It really is a ‘cut above’, certainly when compared to some of the other alternative products that we could use.
“We absolutely love how quick, easy and simple Zylpha is to use. It can be used to create even the most complex, compliant bundles as required. It saves us so much time when it comes to creating new or updating existing bundles.
“We have been using the Zylpha extensively for about 12 months and it is now very much a fundamental element of our day-to-day work-life. We have also recommended it to quite a few other legal practices who might benefit from Zylpha’s Pay As You Go e-bundling solution.”

Rachel Kitson, Account Manager at Zylpha welcomed Barbara’s comments, noting;

“In pursuit of quality and efficiency, Jordans Solicitors has seen the real benefits of using Zylpha’s Pay As You Go bundling fully, and they are now extremely proficient electronic bundlers. Better still, they have been recommending us to other legal practices. We look forward to working closely with them.”
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