The History of Zylpha

Founded in 2004 by Tim Long, CEO.

Tim Long, Zylpha Ltd Founder & CEO

The name Zylpha goes back many generations in Tim’s family but with a variety of spellings. It was his grandmother’s first name and she settled on the current spelling. Although most of the family came from North Yorkshire, it is a Hebrew word meaning “Youthful”.

Having worked in private practice for 6 years and qualified as a Solicitor via the Legal Executive route, Tim has first hand experience of the daily challenges facing many lawyers. However, it was after a further 6 years working for a legal case management provider, that Tim saw the opportunity for technology to help lawyers by making their lives easier. This inspired him to start Zylpha in 2005. His exceptional knowledge of market leading systems such as LexisNexis Visualfiles, ensured the respect of potential customers, so the company grew rapidly.

Then as now, Zylpha aims to make lawyers lives easier through smart use of technology. Hundreds of happy customers later, Tim and his team at Zylpha can rightly feel that the company has delivered fully on this objective. Since 2007, Zylpha’s widely acclaimed Electronic Bundling Systems has been the industry standard on how to produce electronic bundles and briefs in a quick and timely manner through the use of easy to use and intuitive software. Here, Zylpha is now firmly established as market leader and under Tim’s clear guidance the technology is available through integrations with all leading case management systems such as Visualfiles, LEAP, iManage, Peppermint and NetDocuments.

Whilst many companies will be happy with clients in Australia, Ireland and the United States, Tim wanted to provide solutions that would benefit practices of all sizes. In 2019, Zylpha introduced their ‘Pay As You Go’ version of the software. This significantly extended the market andbrought the technology within the reach of many practices that previously could not afford the process.

In 2020 Zylpha launched the first free online bundling system enabling legal practices of any size to create small court-compliant bundles completely free of charge, as many times as required. The online interface is easy to use, requiring no training to get started, and is readily upgradable to one of Zylpha's paid plans should the bundle grow unexpectedly or become far more complex than initially anticipated.

Free online bundling is now the first rung on Zylpha’s extensive range of bundling solutions, which includes through to an Enterprise solution for larger teams frequently creating complex bundles.

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