FormEvo Integration

Legal forms application for Visualfiles

A comprehensive library of over 2000 legal form templates.

FormEvo is a third-party solution that provides electronic forms and workflow automation capabilities for businesses. When integrated with Visualfiles, it enables users to create and complete forms securely online, including the production and submission of SDLT forms, which can be downloaded and added to Zylpha document bundles.

FormEvo's comprehensive library of over 2000 legal form templates can be accessed within the Visualfiles environment, simplifying the form completion and submission process and helping legal departments operate more efficiently and effectively.

In addition, it is possible to share forms with other parties via the integration for completion or approval.

Overall, the integration for Visualfiles can help increase efficiency by reducing manual data entry and automating routine tasks, and with FormEvo's usage-based pricing model, it is an ideal solution for legal teams of all sizes.

  • Library of 2000 legal forms
  • Produce & submit SDLT forms to HMRC
  • Create & complete forms securely online
  • Clients can electronically sign forms
  • Easy to share forms with staff & clients
  • Pay As You Go price plan
  • Integrated with Visualfiles
  • Cyber Essentials Plus Accreditation
  • Mark forms as "favourites"
  • Pre-code commonly used forms
  • Auto-fill information
  • Traffic-light colour coded system
  • Download forms & add to bundles
  • Full audit trail

Before installation, ensure you have an account with FormEvo and (if required) and have setup a “Super User” within both. You will need the “Super User” login credentials from FormEvo whilst installing the product.

FormEvo is part of our Visualfiles Integration Package, which includes all Visualfiles integrations developed and maintained by Zylpha.

We add new tools to the package all the time, and as and when we do, you'll get them automatically for free.

Forms can be created in two ways:

  • By selecting the required form from the list of all FormEvo forms.
  • By pre-coding a frequently used form.

The integration is an implementation of the FormEvo and APIs.

Credentials are managed through a Visualfiles entity (also supplied by Zylpha). This allows all credentials for all FormEvo and separately all users to be managed through Visualfiles.

formevo and visualfiles technical overview diagram
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