SmartSearch Integration

An anti money laundering verification system that brings individual searches into your Visualfiles environment

SmartSearch delivers an unrivalled user experience enabling you to comply with the latest Anti Money Laundering Regulations.

With just one click, AML checks can be carried out, with the results being returned directly into your existing system. Each check also provides a PDF report which it is also able to add to the history of that client/matter.

  • Fulfil your AML, CDD and KYC obligations
  • Drives efficiency in your workflows
  • Results delivered directly into your system
  • Uncomplicated processes
  • Clear & transparent audit trail
  • Recall on demand for auditing purposes
  • No requirement for client ID documents
  • International & domestic checks
  • Automatic Sanction & PEP screening
  • Business AML check in 3 minutes
  • Individual AML check in 30 seconds
  • PDF reports

You will need:

  • Visualfiles Dev/Test and Live environments (v3.0.0 minimum recommended)
  • Visualfiles standard entity set with COMM, PRIV and INDI entities
  • Licensed SmartSearch credentials with apikey
  • Visualfiles admin / developer skills

Our SmartSearch integration is part of our Visualfiles Integration Package, which includes all Visualfiles integrations developed and maintained by Zylpha.

We add new tools to the package all the time, and as and when we do, you'll get them automatically for free.

As well as individual searches, it provides two levels of company search - a full in-depth business search, or a simplified business look-up.

SmartSearch technical overview illustration

Information on the AMLC file is independent of individual working files, but can be accessed from working files via the client record. The schematic diagram is a simplified representation of the relations between clients, individuals and AML searches.

When a search is performed, much of the detail is processed within the AI-ZSSE add-in which is attached to each AMLC file. This is excluded from the schematic for clarity.

Product sheet

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