VirtualSignature Integration

Streamline your digital onboarding processes

Advanced document management and eSignature exchange solutions for the legal sector, businesses and local government authorities.

VirtualSignature is a secure & fully compliant eSignature and digital onboarding platform with advanced capabilities. Designed for professional organisations to use, it facilitates the signing, sealing, witnessing and exchange of documents and identity checks in real-time as well as form automation and workflow sequencing.

VirtualSignature consists of four core applications:

  • Securely send multiple documents for eSignature with SmartSign.
  • Prequalify, collect and transfer client data between systems with SmartLink.
  • Fully automate your digital document workflow with SmartForms.
  • Speed up client identity verification in real time using biometric face recongition techonolgy with SmartCheck.

You will need a VirtualSignature account with API access.

VirtualSignature is part of our Visualfiles Integration Package, which includes all Visualfiles integrations developed and maintained by Zylpha.

We add new tools to the package all the time, and as and when we do, you'll get them automatically for free.

David Kern, CEO of VirtualSignature:

“Zylpha leads the field with its electronic bundling platform, and its knowledge and expertise with Visualfiles is unparalleled. When we first started working with law firms who use Visualfiles, it became obvious to partner with Zylpha. For Visualfiles users, VirtualSignature can make a real difference in terms of authentication and electronic signatures. Thus, whilst still within Visualfiles the combined offering can on-board a client, produce documents and send them for signature. This drives efficiency significantly by saving huge amounts of time and money.”

Zylpha Partners with VirtualSignature