Zylpha Partners with VirtualSignature

Zylpha has announced a strategic partnership with digital engagement cloud specialist VirtualSignature.com.

Under the terms of the deal, this widely acclaimed digital onboarding platform will link to the LexisNexis Visualfiles case management system through Zylpha’s proprietary integration. This will enable LexisNexis Visualfiles users to utilise VirtualSignature applications, without having to leave Visualfiles.

Offering considerable value and market affordability, VirtualSignature applications have proved popular with both the legal profession and local government. The range includes:

  • SmartLink for client authentication with “live view” screen share technology.
  • SmartForms, where clients automate their digital documentation and form completion workflow.
  • SmartSign sends multiple documents for eSignature securely and gets them witnessed through Virtual-Witnessing AI technology.
  • SmartCheck speeds up client identity verification, in real-time.

Commenting on the strategic partnership David Kern CEO of Virtual Signature.com said,

“We are delighted to have partnered with Zylpha and have been working with their team for the past 18 months as our technology dovetails perfectly with their own. They have a great deal of experience with technology in the legal sector, are easy to work with and have the flexibility to look for and develop new dynamic applications for their clients. We look forward to working with them on VirtualSignature and continuing our mutually beneficial collaboration in the legal sector.
“Zylpha leads the field with its electronic bundling platform, and its knowledge and expertise with Visualfiles is unparalleled. When we first started working with law firms who use Visualfiles, it became obvious to partner with Zylpha. For Visualfiles users, VirtualSignature can make a real difference in terms of authentication and electronic signatures. Thus, whilst still within Visualfiles the combined offering can on-board a client, produce documents and send them for signature. This drives efficiency significantly by saving huge amounts of time and money.”

For his part, Tim Long CEO of Zylpha welcomed David’s comments adding,

“We’re really impressed by the tremendous customer satisfaction across the growing VirtualSignature customer base and we could see an opportunity for their digital onboarding system to be integrated within the Visualfiles ecosystem. We look forward to working closely with them on building the combined brands.”

About VirtualSignature.com

VirtualSignature offers a secure platform which can be integrated easily into existing software, enabling users to both electronically sign and send documents and also conduct ID checks using bio-metric facial recognition and geo-location technology which could reliably identify the signer. Aside from the obvious benefits of moving to paper-free solutions, many organisations, particularly in the legal sector displayed a need for compliant, secure technology to help them streamline their workflow and ultimately provide a better customer experience, through the ability to perform these checks and tasks using a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Our aim was to offer professional organisations a choice of applications and a choice of affordable plans, all under the same umbrella that could not only compete with the larger e-signature providers, but add the benefit of flexibility, a responsive service, and fast turnaround for integration. If firms could “plug in” our software to work alongside their own, the process could be made very straightforward. With this ethos in mind, our four applications, “SmartLink”, “SmartForms”, “SmartSign” and SmartCheck” were born.

Whilst legal firms make up the larger part of our client base, we have also helped local authorities, accountants, logistics and even funeral service providers to speed up their processes. Legal claims organisations which use call centres to pre-qualify clients use our applications to manage the data that is initially collected, by checking its accuracy and passing on the relevant information to the underwriting team. This minimises human error, saving time and administration costs and enables them to quickly close business. The client’s logo and choice of colour on forms gives the end user a seamless experience. VirtualSignature is also leading the way with advanced techniques which enable law firms to link up when carrying out multi party transactions such as for the sale and purchase of property, keeping the document signing process shared and co-ordinated.

Now that electronic signatures are acceptable in law for the signing of deeds, and because of the current situation with Coronavirus and social distancing, the witnessing of wills has become a hot topic and we are determined to be ahead of the curve with the technology that can help in this arena. Currently two independent witnesses are required to sign a will but this has presented many difficulties in the current circumstances, just when speed is of the essence. We already have a solution in place in line with the Law Society recommendations for changes in the law to be implemented so that digital technology can be used for this purpose.

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