Frequently Asked Questions

Electronic Document Bundling

What is electronic document bundling?

A document bundle is a collection of files presented in a specific order that can be used to present information in a Court hearing. An electronic document bundle is the same process, but created digitally and in a far more efficient way.

What's wrong with building court bundles manually?

There is nothing wrong with building court bundles manually, but if you want to save time, paper and keep your files/bundles secure with automatically created hyperlinked index pages and bookmarks, then electronic document bundling is the way to go. The legal technology is recognised as "best practice" by UK law courts and Zylpha Bundling is widely accepted as the "go-to" tool for legal teams of all sizes.

FREE Document Bundling

Are the document bundles really free?

Yes, you can create court compliant electronic document bundles for free using Zylpha online document bundling software. Here's some more information about building free court bundles.

What type of files can I add to a free document bundle?

You can build a free document bundle using Word and PDF files.

How many free bundles can I build?

You can build as many free bundles as you like but you can only work on one at a time. There is a 30-day retention period, so if you want to keep a bundle going, just be sure to login to your account every now and then. We will send you reminders from time to time if we don't see you online.

I've finished one document bundle and want to start a new one. How do I do that?

To start another document bundle simply delete the previous one from your online account. Once a bundle has been deleted we cannot retrieve it, so be sure you want to create a new one before you begin.

How long will you keep my document bundle for?

There is a 30-day retention period, so if you want to keep a bundle going, just be sure to login to your account every now and then. We will send you reminders from time to time if we don't see you online. After 30 days of inactivity on your account your bundle will automatically be deleted and we won't be able to retrieve it.

Is there a limit to the number of users our firm can have on a free account?

Free online account user numbers are limitless as they are based on individual usage. All you need to get a free account is an active email address.

Pay As You Go Document Bundling

Are there any extra fees outside of the unique bundle fee?

No. There are no additional fees.

What happens if I need to update the bundle? Will I be charged again?

If an existing document bundle is being updated (adding or removing files) then you will not incur a unique bundle charge.

Am I restricted on who can use the document bundling software?

No. There are no limits to the number of colleagues you can give access to Zylpha Bundling.

How quickly can I get started?

Depending on your internet connection you could be building your first court bundle within minutes.

How many devices can I use Zylpha Bundling on?

As many as you like. With PAYG you have unlimited users and can download the software on multiple devices – your laptop and office computer for example.

How do I get charged?

On sign up you will complete a Direct Debit Mandate. Fees are collected monthly in arrears by Direct Debit

If my requirements change, how easy is it to change pricing plan with Zylpha?

Zylpha document bundling is available for FREE online, as Solo online, or on an installed Pay-As-You-Go basis. Alternatively we have an Enterprise price plan for legal teams.

We will continually monitor your PAYG bundle usage, and if you reach a point where it may be beneficial for you to move to Enterprise, we will let you know. Typically, an Enterprise installation would take a few days to set up, but you would still have access to PAYG software in the interim.

Similarly, if you’re using our Enterprise plan and have a reduction in the volume of court bundles you need to create, we will advise you when it comes to the renewal period of your contract. The Enterprise to PAYG switch is quicker due to PAYG being available immediately.

I'm stuck and need some help building a document bundle.

Take a look at our "How to..." page, where you'll find links to videos and articles that will walk you through all the main features of Zylpha document bundling.

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