Land Registry Integration

Automate interactions with HM Land Registry

Remove time consuming, error prone manual data entry with our Land Registry Business Gateway integration.

The integration with Visualfiles is the ultimate solution for lawyers looking to streamline their conveyancing processes. It offers seamless access to the Land Registry's information and services, right from within your Visualfiles case management software, taking the hassle of manually entering data and saving you valuable time and effort.

The integration also comes with several benefits that can help you take your conveyancing processes to the next level. It can help to reduce the risk of errors and omissions, which can lead to costly mistakes and delays.

With direct access to Land Registry data, you can be sure that you have the most accurate and up-to-date information at all times. Plus all your data is in one place, so you can easily manage and track your cases, whilst ensuring that your data is secure and protected.

In today's competitive legal landscape, having the right tools and resources can give you a real edge. With the Land Registry Integration with Visualfiles, you can stay ahead of the competition and provide your clients with a faster, more streamlined service.

So why wait? Contact us today to learn more about our Land Registry Integration with Visualfiles and start taking your conveyancing processes to the next level!

  • Reduce costs & remove manual data entry
  • Improve speed, certainty & accuracy
  • Enhances existing processes
  • Automatically processes data into eDRS
  • Delivers information in seconds
  • Use it on its own or with other add-ins
  • Title registration & integration
  • Full portal functionality
  • Large range of transactions covered
  • Information is stored back into Visualfiles

You will need:

  • Visualfiles Dev/Test and Live environments (v3.4.0 minimum recommended)
  • Visualfiles base application or alternative bespoke host application
  • Visualfiles standard entity set with COMM, PRIV and INDI entities (recommended)
  • LR Gateway credentials and Certificates – Live and Test

Land Registry is part of our Visualfiles Integration Package, which includes all Visualfiles integrations developed and maintained by Zylpha. 

We add new tools to the package all the time, and as and when we do, you'll get them automatically for free.

The Land Registry Gateway Integration allows a user to carry out searches and other Land Registry procedures from within a Visualfiles application.

Land Registry overview technical illustration

The following requests are supported:

  • Office Copies – OC1 / OC2
  • Search of Whole – OS1
  • Search of Part – OS2
  • Land Charges Search – K15
  • Bankruptcy Search – K16
  • Index Map Search
  • Enquiry by property description
  • Daylist enquiry
  • Register Extract Service
  • Online Owner Verification

The Visualfiles components supplied by Zylpha build portal submissions and requests in the form of XML data. These are then passed to the Zylpha LR Gateway broker client for onward transmission via the web to Business Gateway. Responses from the Land Registry are in turn picked up by the broker client and processed by the Zylpha Visualfiles components, for update to the relevant host application as appropriate.

The Visualfiles add-in architecture allows the module to be appended to any appropriate Visualfiles base application and used with minimal configuration. Users with more sophisticated Visualfiles applications may wish to embed the add-in seamlessly into established workflows.

Paul White, Head of IT at Graysons:

“Having worked closely with Zylpha on the MoJ portal, saving hundreds of hours in the process, we felt extremely confident to work with them on installing the Business Gateway and eDRS integrations too. The savings and efficiency gains we will continue to achieve by using Zylpha’s Land Registry and MoJ systems will make a significant and welcome contribution to delivering innovative and cost efficient services for our clients. We are also happy to renew our use of Adobe Sign as our electronic signature system as this works seamlessly within Zylpha’s systems.”

Graysons adds Zylpha's Land Registry & eDRS integrations