Graysons adds Zylpha’s Land Registry & eDRS integrations

Graysons Solicitors has chosen Land Registry Business Gateway and eDRS (electronic Document Registration System) integrations from Zylpha.

The integrations, with the practice’s existing Visualfiles case management system, streamline conveyancing processes whilst delivering significant time savings and efficiencies. Graysons Solicitors took the decision based on the highly successful experience they have of Zylpha’s MoJ Employers’ Liability /Public Liability & RTA Portal integrations, which they have also now renewed along with Adobe Sign.

The Land Registry Business Gateway makes it easy for organisations, who regularly request information from HM Land Registry, to get information or submit applications online. The widely acclaimed Zylpha integration now makes it easier for Visualfiles case management system users to submit requests and have all the relevant information returned to them before it is subsequently stored back in Visualfiles. Zylpha’s eDRS integration streamlines the processes for e-services customers using HM Land Registry’s electronic document registration service when submitting applications to change the Register. Combined, both integrations can save up to 70% of the time previously required to make and process submissions, thereby ensuring reduced costs and faster turnaround for clients.

Paul White, head of IT at Graysons, is keen to highlight the potential for the new integrations, noting;

“Having worked closely with Zylpha on the MoJ portal, saving hundreds of hours in the process, we felt extremely confident to work with them on installing the Business Gateway and eDRS integrations too. The savings and efficiency gains we will continue to achieve by using Zylpha’s Land Registry and MoJ systems will make a significant and welcome contribution to delivering innovative and cost efficient services for our clients. We are also happy to renew our use of Adobe Sign as our electronic signature system as this works seamlessly within Zylpha’s systems.”

Tim Long, Zylpha’s CEO, welcomed Paul’s comments adding,

“Founded in 1925, Graysons has an enormously strong reputation for delivering the very highest levels of client support and practice management. Innovation, which is at the heart of this very modern practice, continues to drive these standards ever further. Naturally then, we are delighted that the decision has been made to adopt our Land Registry Business Gateway and eDRS integrations. It is also extremely pleasing to note that Graysons has renewed its MoJ portal and Adobe Sign integrations with us too. We look forward to working closely with the team at Graysons Solicitors to explore other areas where our systems might be beneficial.”
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