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Quickly add files to your document bundle from your existing file management system with one of our integration solutions.


Getting started

How to seamlessly add files from your system

The Zylpha electronic bundle platform offers users a streamlined and efficient solution for quickly producing Court bundles, deal bibles and document bundles. The platform's seamless integrations enhance user experience by simplifying complex processes, reducing manual errors, and saving valuable time.

With Zylpha's integrations, users can seamlessly import documents from their existing systems, ensuring data consistency and eliminating the need for redundant data entry. This interoperability fosters collaboration among legal teams, as information becomes easily accessible and shareable.

In essence, Zylpha's integrations empower everyone who needs to produce a bundle by providing a user-friendly, integrated, and compliant solution, ultimately optimising their workflow and making it easier than ever to produce a bundle.


1. Connect in minutes, not hours

Add documents from centralised systems with existing user roles & permissions already in place. Our tried and tested integration approach makes the process simple and pain free to get connected into your existing systems.


2. Search within workspaces, folders & more

The Zylpha bundling platform makes it easier than ever to search for folders, matters & documents with our live search feature, with instant display.

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3. Add multiple files & folders quickly & efficiently

Add multiple documents to a bundle in seconds, reducing the time taken, and the possibility of errors.

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