Optical Character Recognition

With Zylpha Bundling you can convert files into text-searchable documents by simply adding OCR (optical character recognition) with just the click of a button.

ocr optical character recognition

Getting started

Say goodbye to scanned files

Optical character recognition software identifies letters, numbers, and words, transforming them into searchable digital text. By using Zylpha Bundling, you can quickly apply OCR (optical character recognition) to uploaded documents, thereby aligning with the latest HMCTS (HM Courts & Tribunals Service) guidelines for enhanced accessibility and compliance.


1. Collect files

Begin by gathering the files and documents together that you need OCR applied to. Then either upload them manually or via one of our software integrations.


2. Enable OCR

Adding OCR is easy - just turn it on! OCR will then quickly become an accessible and integral part of your document management process when you use Zylpha Bundling.


3. Automatic OCR

Zylpha adds OCR to all text in a file, this includes images as well as scanned documents. This ensures that every element, from text content to image-based data, is transformed into searchable text.

Court Guidance on OCR

Why is Optical Character Recognition (OCR) important?

Since May 2020, guidance from the Courts has contained explicit instructions that bundles must have OCR applied to them. This is irrespective of whether the bundle is submitted by a law firm, local authority, barrister or litigant in person. See: Electronic Bundles Court Guidance.

All pages in an e-bundle that contain typed text must be subject to OCR (optical character recognition) if they have not been created directly as electronic text documents. This makes it easier to search for text, to highlight parts of a page, and to copy text from the bundle.

Image source: General guidance on electronic court bundles - Courts and Tribunals Judiciary

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