Holland Family Law achieves time savings of up to 80% with Zylpha Bundling software

An investment in secure ‘Pay As You Go’ bundling software has driven efficiency and freed up more time for clients.

By choosing document bundling software from Zylpha, Leicester based practice, Holland Family Law, has seen document bundling production time drop by up to 80%, freeing up considerably more time to spend with clients.

In using the digital platform, the widely respected practice has also been able to significantly reduce stationery and storage costs whilst ensuring optimal data security. And, as the software is used on a PAY AS YOU GO basis, Holland Family Law has only paid for what it has used – ensuring maximum efficiency savings for least cost.

The considerable success of Holland Family Law is due in no small part to the practice’s highly personable and proactive approach, always aiming to maintain the client’s best interests and to provide the highest quality family legal help possible. Most cases achieve settlement by constructive negotiations, cutting costs for everyone involved with jargon free advice and clarity for clients. Maintaining efficient internal systems is at the heart of this success. Holland Family Law realised that digital document bundling was an essential investment for the future of the practice, bringing their systems and procedures in line with best-practice court bundling guidelines.

Zylpha, was chosen following a rigorous assessment of the market and shone through in a number of key areas. As Holland Family Law’s Founder Claire Holland says,

“Zylpha won through on ease of installation and ease use. Add to that, it’s extremely fast at creating and maintaining even quite complex bundles. All in all, it’s a very impressive piece of software that we simply couldn’t do without now. Bundling that used to take hours of our time to complete and maintain can now be done in just minutes. Zylpha estimates that practices can typically create bundles in 80% less time than manual methods and we’ve certainly seen evidence of that having put the software through its paces over the last 6 months. We are really pleased with the results and can see why Zylpha is head and shoulders above the competition.
“And, as a fully featured, Pay-As-You-Go solution, it is also a very cost-effective as we have only paid for what we have used, which is great news. The Zylpha Support Team have been brilliant too and it’s also good to know that there’s a comprehensive library of professional ‘how-to’ videos and articles that new users can refer to when they join the team.”

Claire Holland is also keen to point out how Zylpha has transformed the online side of the practice noting,

“As Zylpha allows files of all types to be included easily in a digital format, we are able to send them protected by top level online security. This has given us tremendous peace of mind by ensuring that we meet current compliance and secure communications standards fully. The move online has also freed us from many of the costs associated with physical file storage, stationery, postage and confidential document disposal.”

David Chapman, Zylpha’s Head of Sales & Marketing, welcomed Claire’s comments adding,

“Holland Family Law are rightly recognised for the quality of legal advice they provide and the exceptionally high standards they set internally. Having invested in Zylpha’s digital solution, they have seen the fruits of enhanced document bundling resulting in significant time saving efficiencies; time which can be spent with clients. In addition, the peace of mind that our file encryption and the reduced need for physical file storage has brought to the practice, means they are seeing the benefits of the software right across the board.”

Looking to the future, the last word should go to Claire Holland,

“Having seen the transformational benefits of digital document management, we shall be working closely with Zylpha to identify other areas of our business where we can use technology to benefit our clients.”
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