Zylpha Bundling delivers clear benefits to Maria Fogg Family Law

Maria Fogg Family Law has chosen Zylpha Document Bundling to drive clear efficiency & compliance benefits.

Based in Liverpool, family run practice Maria Fogg Family Law provides expert family legal services in Child Care Proceedings (Local Authority Involvement), Domestic abuse injunctions, Divorce, Separation, Child Matters, Financial Matters and Property Affairs. The Firm offers Legal Aid, fixed fees, competitive rates with office, telephone and video appointments.

Since its inception 9 years ago, the practice has developed a strong reputation for being an approachable, friendly and highly respected family law firm that delivers excellent customer service. Central to its high standards are the attention to detail and the quality of the document management behind the practice’s operations. A key element here is the preparation of document bundles. With courts now accepting online electronic legal document bundles, a rigorous programme of bundling software evaluation began in early 2020.

Maria Fogg Family Law chose Zylpha’s electronic document bundling as it ticked all the important boxes. As Director Andrea Fogg notes,

“We needed a cost-effective document bundling solution that worked well with our LEAP case management system and that was easy to install and use. Zylpha stood out as it has a proven LEAP Integration and it can deliver fully court compliant bundles in a fraction of the time it takes to produce them manually. Once they are in electronic format, they also much easier to update and maintain. From our extensive use of Zylpha’s software, we are quite comfortable with the company’s claim that time savings of 80% are typical. Better still, whilst the system is capable of handling even the most complex bundling needs, it is accessible on a Pay As You Go basis. This means that we only pay for the precise number of bundles that we actually use. Getting up to speed to derive these benefits quickly is also straightforward as the software is supported by a comprehensive range of ‘how to’ training videos and free ‘online learning’ guides. In addition, where we have made contact with the customer service team, we have been impressed by their friendly approach and rapid response times. They are incredibly knowledgeable and this is a tremendous asset to have so readily on hand.
By saving considerable amounts of time Zylpha has delivered clear and significant efficiency benefits to Maria Fogg Family Law. Crucially, this is extra time that can be spent with the practice’s clients. There are other clear benefits too including a significant reduction in physical stationery and storage costs. Most importantly though, there is also a major security dividend in using Zylpha."

Andrea Fogg continues,

“Whenever one sends files with Zylpha we have the confidence of knowing that they are protected by the very latest encryption and system security. And it is far faster and more reliable than post or courier services. In this respect too, the software is a real game changer. When added to the significant efficiency benefits available, one can easily see why Zylpha is currently so very popular with the legal profession. In fact, it is ideal for practices of all sizes as it is very scalable according to your specific needs. Overall, then we would have to say that Zylpha is a great tool and we would strongly recommend it.”

David Chapman, Head of Marketing at Zylpha welcomes Andrea’s comments adding,

“We’re incredibly impressed by the high standards Maria Fogg Family Law maintains. It’s also very apparent that they go that extra mile for their clients in offering an exceptional level of service. Naturally therefore, we are delighted to have been chosen to deliver court compliant electronic document bundling by them and we look forward to working closely with the practice in supporting the excellent work that they do.”

Looking forwards, Andrea Fogg sees the real potential for additional benefits commenting,

“We would certainly be interested in exploring other ways in which Zylpha’s software can make a difference to our practice – especially where the ultimate beneficiaries will be our clients. To this end, we are delighted to enjoy such a close relationship with the company and look forward to liaising with them further over time.”
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