Zylpha Online Bundling: Latest New Features

We're excited to introduce more new features to our online bundling platform.

From simplified feedback mechanisms to enhanced email attachment capabilities, our latest updates aim to provide practical solutions for everyday challenges. Let's delve into the details andexplore how these enhancements can ease your workflow.

What’s new?

“FREE” Hyperlinked Watermark (FREE online)

Zylpha branding can now be seen in the footer of every page within a FREE bundle in the form of a watermark. The watermark serves as a hyperlink to zylpha.com, reinforcing Zylpha’s commitment to delivering reputable products and services within the legal sector.

Feedback Integration

We understand the pivotal role feedback plays so we've introduced an intuitive in-app feedback mechanism, enabling users to share their insights directly with us from within the software interface. By fostering a collaborative environment, we aim to collect feedback that drives continuous enhancements and refinements, ensuring our software evolves in line with user needs and preferences.

How to access the feature:

Simply click on the "?" symbol next to your initials in the header bar and select "Share feedback" from the dropdown menu. This opens a feedback window where you can enter your comments, suggestions, or ideas directly. You'll then receive an email thanking you for your valuable input.

Email Attachments (Solo online)

Now Solo users can include Outlook email attachments in their bundles. Each attachment will be assigned a unique identifier and as such treated as an independent document, providing users with the flexibility to edit and manage them as needed. By integrating attachments from emails directly, Solo account holders can effectively manage and organise their documents with ease. (Note: This feature works with the desktop version of Outlook only).

How to access the feature:

When adding an email to a bundle, users will notice a numerical indicator displayed on the email icon, representing the number of attachments associated with it. From the pop-up window simply select the relevant attachments by ticking the corresponding boxes and click "Add selected" to seamlessly integrate the chosen attachments into the bundle. Each attachment will then be assigned a unique identifier and incorporated into the bundle as an independent document enabling users to manage each attachment separately.

Drag & Drop from Your Desktop

Users can now effortlessly drag and drop files directly from File Explorer into their bundles, simplifying the document addition process. By eliminating the need for manual file uploads, users can quickly organise and incorporate documents into their bundles with ease. This streamlined approach reduces steps and minimises disruptions to workflow, improving user experience and productivity.

How to access the feature:

The process is simple, seamless, and intuitive. Either use the 'Add document' window (via the yellow 'Add new' button), or drag and drop files directly into a specific section of the bundle from the Bundle Main View page.


The introduction of these groundbreaking features underscores Zylpha's commitment to empowering legal professionals with innovative solutions that streamline document management processes. These latest updates are designed to meet the evolving needs of our users as we continue to innovate and improve our software. We remain dedicated to providing innovative solutions that enhance productivity and drive success for our valued customers.

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