User News: MoJ Claims Portal Integration

Last year the Claims submitted plans for changes to the A2A portal.

As part of their upgrade plan, the Claims Portal are now going to retire the existing SOAP based platform and create a brand-new portal which will have its own REST API. At present, their plan is for the new REST API platform to go live in Q2 2024 with the intention of retiring the existing SOAP based portal 12 months later (anticipated to be Q2 2025).  

In addition to these technical changes, the Claims Portal will begin charging third party developers like us for writing the integration to their new platform. At present we don’t have these associated costs, but we also understand that they intend to charge our clients too.

We have therefore decided not to develop the new integration. The level of work required is substantial, and combined with the potential levels of revenue, along with the charges we will incur from the Claims Portal, it’s not commercially viable for us to write a new integration and to maintain it.  

We appreciate that this will be unwelcome news but hope that by clearly communicating our position at the earliest opportunity, we are providing you with enough time to plan for an alternative solution.  

Moving forward, we will continue to support our existing integration for Visualfiles throughout 2024 & 2025 until it is turned off by the Claims Portal.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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