Multi-Email Attachment Tool Enhances Online Bundling

We are thrilled to introduce the second phase of our multi-select functionality for online bundling: the Multi-Email Attachment tool. This new feature enables users to add attachments from multiple emails simultaneously, streamlining the document bundling process further still.

User Benefits

Maximised Efficiency: The ability to select attachments from multiple emails at once saves considerable time, eliminating the need to individually open and extract each file. This bulk action enables users to compile their bundles quickly and effortlessly.

Improved Organisation: Users can now seamlessly incorporate relevant attachments from various emails into their bundles, ensuring all necessary documents are included and properly categorised. This enhancement reduces the risk of overlooking important files.

Enhanced Convenience: By enabling the addition of multiple email attachments in one go, users can streamline their workflow. This not only speeds up the bundling process but also facilitates smoother collaboration and communication, as complete bundles can be prepared and shared more rapidly.

Increased Precision: With greater control over the inclusion of email attachments, users can ensure that only pertinent files are added to their bundles. This precision helps maintain the relevance and clarity of the document bundles.


The introduction of the Multi-Email Attachment tool as part of our multi-select functionality marks a significant advancement in our Online Bundling platform. By enabling users to add attachments from multiple emails simultaneously, we are enhancing the efficiency, organisation, convenience, and precision of the bundling process. This latest update reaffirms Zylpha's commitment to providing innovative solutions that simplify and improve the document management experience for our users.

Watch out for more updates as we continue to enhance our online bundling platform.

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