New integrations for SharePoint, iManage, Civica & NetDocs

Legal systems innovator Zylpha has added four new integrations with leading software systems used by both legal practices and local authority lawyers.

The new integrations with the company’s widely acclaimed document bundling technology are for: SharePoint, iManage (formerly Worksite/ Autonomy), local authority solutions from Civica and NetDocs. Further future integrations are also being planned for LEAP and an upgrade to the Iken case management connector.

The new additions complement Zylpha’s existing range of successful electronic document bundling connectors. These include: Visualfiles/Solcase from LexisNexis, SOS Connect, TR Envision, Axxia FED, and FileStream.

The announcement of the new integrations is seen as a clear reflection of market demand. As Zylpha’s bundling systems slash the time taken to create document bundles, significantly boost security and dramatically reduce costs, Zylpha has experienced a strong user demand for integrations with an ever wider range of commonly used systems. As Zylpha’s Head of Development Nigel Spicer says,

“The increase in demand for our bundling systems, from both legal practices and local authority lawyers, has been quite dramatic. However, it soon became apparent that we were going to need to invest in a number of new software integrations to meet this burgeoning demand. This has led to the new integrations with SharePoint client side connector, Civica, iManage client side connector and NetDocs. Given that these latest additions are with some of the leading systems used in the legal sector, we expect the rapid spread of Zylpha’s document bundling systems to continue apace. In addition, the even better news is that we are still planning further integrations to come and that this will in turn see an increase in the number of developers we recruit over the course of 2016.”

For his part, Tim Long CEO of Zylpha added,

“As the spread of electronic document bundling is now reaching mainstream proportions, we are finding that many practices and local authorities are seeing its use as a best-practice. The drivers for this are clear. Where once it took hours to produce, maintain or amend document bundles, it now takes just minutes. The costs of photocopying, physical storage and couriers are also eliminated at a stroke. The system’s ‘secure delivery’ methodology also means that the days of cases delayed for missing paperwork are now a thing of the past.
“However, as we see more and more demand for these benefits, from customers and prospects alike, the pressures to offer integration with a wider range of systems has also grown. We have listened to these demands and invested in a major development programme to deliver the required integrations. This is though just one part of an overall development strategy at Zylpha and we are confident that these and other additions to our existing offerings will be warmly received by both legal practices and local authority legal services teams.”
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