Court bundling software update – NEW iManage & Iken integrations

Iken & iManage court bundle software update announcement

The UK’s leading legal systems innovator Zylpha has announced the latest version of its widely acclaimed document bundling system. Key to the new version is a high-performance iManage connector with iManage Work 10 connectivity and an all new connector for the Iken Case Management System.

By incorporating Zylpha’s digital document bundling, users can produce legal and other document bundles at a fraction of the cost, time and effort associated with manual processes. Typically, users will save 70% when compared to manual alternatives. In addition, the secure system eliminates costs such as stationery, photocopying, paper file-storage, maintenance and courier costs.

The latest version, 4.10, adds significant functionality with connectors for both iManage legal practice users and Iken legal services users. Amongst the extensive list of new features for legal practices are major enhancements to the company’s iManage court bundle software integration, made easier by the use of the new iManage Work 10 SDK which makes it even faster to retrieve & create bundles; even those with thousands of pages.

Commenting on the new functionality, Joe Combs EMEA Partner Director of iManage, noted,

“The key word here is speed. Zylpha delivers a high performance bundling solution that can cope well with even very large bundles. The new technology enhancement has made things even faster and even slicker. We look forward to seeing our customers enjoying the fruits of these developments in the near future.”

There is also a raft of other enhancements for Legal Services departments. Central to these, is an all-new Iken Case Management Connector. Frequently used in local authorities, many Iken case management users are already familiar with the significant processing power of Zylpha. The new version brings all the additional functionality to those Iken users who want to continue to use the Zylpha Bundling solution, in particular those who have moved away from legacy case management systems.

With this in mind, demand is expected to be strong.

Also included in the latest version is Zylpha’s widely acclaimed ‘Deal Bible’ functionality. This enables practices to produce compliant deal folders at high speed. This is especially useful to those practices working on M & A activity or disclosure.

Commenting on the new version David Chapman, Head of Marketing at Zylpha said,

“This new version represents a major step forwards and reflects our ability to incorporate customer demands and feedback into our comprehensive development programme. iManage users can now enjoy unprecedented speed when completing even the largest, most complex legal document bundles including those firms who have moved to iManage Work 10 and Iken users have a choice over which bundling solution they can use. We are confident that this new version will be most welcome amongst these two communities.”
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