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Electronic document bundling

The easy way to create eBundles of any size and type
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Why use electronic document bundling software?

A quick overview of our court bundling software

We have people spending hours photocopying, paginating and collating documentation manually, sometimes running into thousands of pages. The larger the bundle the larger the risk of errors and re-working. The costs are escalating and yet to remain competitive we need to reduce costs and eliminate waste.

That’s what Electronic Document Bundling does.


Electronic document bundling software benefits:


System agnostic

Access your documents and folders regardless of whether they are on your computer, server, case management or document management systems.

Return on investment

Through the reduction in labour, materials and courier costs, the average client typically saves over 70% even after taking into consideration IT costs.

Easy to use, and robust

Zylpha electronic document bundling was built by lawyers for lawyers. It is robust enough to handle large electronic document bundles, and intuitive enough to be learnt in minutes.

Electronic document bundling

How it works

Build your first bundle in 15 minutes or less.

Step 1: Coverpage

Our inbuilt designer makes it easier than ever to build your cover page.

Add the relevant information to your electronic bundle including parties, reference numbers, court details and addresses. Add key information in a matter of moments, and go back and change it if needed without having to recreate the bundle.

Have your own cover page?

Simply toggle between using the inbuilt cover page designer, and selecting your own document.

Step 2: Add sections

Quickly and efficiently create sections within your bundle.

Utilising our easy to use section creator add your eBundle sections and reorder them as and when needed. Change numbering styles to match your guidelines, enable core/condensed bundles and much more.

Like to add section colours?

Use our colour picker to add colours to your key sections.

Step 3: Add documents

Document connectors to all of the leading systems.

Add files from your existing systems and file structures. No need to save documents to your desktop or local machine. Move documents between sections, change titles and dates.

Lots of files to add?

Simply use our Microsoft Excel CSV import & export functions which make large bundles easier.

Step 4: Generate the bundle

Generate bundles in minutes not hours.

Fine tune your bundle prior to conversion with enhanced security settings, watermarks, duplex printing (if required) and more. Once you are happy, generate the bundle.

Need to send the bundle electronically?

Zylpha is able to advise of systems that we integrate with to distribute eBundles securely.

Zylpha customers typically save over 70% when compared to paper based bundling costs. Try our free Court bundle cost analyser tool to see how much time and money is being wasted.

It's completely free and includes a detailed breakdown report.

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More information?

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