Why use SmartSearch for AML checks online?

The brief from Kerseys Commercial Equity Partner, Kimat Singh, was to enhance our current systems, reduce time for users whilst remaining compliant, with a facility that could be used anywhere from any platform without increasing the overheads to business too much.

Trudy Hooper, IT & Business Operations Manager at Kerseys said:-

Following a review of the market place and looking at the requirement for online anti-money laundering individual checks with the business need to integrate with our case management system, it was clear from the very beginning that SmartSearch delivered everything we needed.
It is sometimes the case that you see a system in a demo and a very good sales person makes it sound simple but complication arise on install. However with SmartSearch this was not the case. Using SmartSearch with integration from Zylpha to our case management the system (and all users) was setup within 1 day and only took approximately 3 hours of my time. Whilst SmartSearch offered training the integration provided from Zylpha and the communication from SmartSearch meant that the users didn’t have to take time out of the busy day to learn a new system in great detail.
My account manager at SmartSearch is always on hand to setup new members of staff or answer any queries from a super user, which due to the ease of the system I would say there have been approx. 3 queries in the first 3 months. There is always a worry about if your account manager is not available what happens then? It was unfortunate that on go live day my account manager was away but I am happy to say it was no issue another member of the SmartSearch team stepped in and covered and was fully briefed on the account and all went so smooth you wouldn’t have thought anything had changed.
The most difficult part of the project was to pick a package for the number of searches, however SmartSearch were flexible and allowed us to start low to allow us to gather more intelligence and increase our numbers when needed.
The product was well received by the users and we saw a reduction in time spent on AML checks and compliance monitoring instantly.
The key to success is research, trial, communicate and integration to remove the need to double data entry or delayed responses for results.
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