Zylpha’s Free Online Court Bundle Software Surpasses 2000 Users

Zylpha is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in its journey; the company has accumulated over 2000 users of its ground breaking free online court bundle software.

This achievement highlights the growing popularity and trust in Zylpha's innovative software among legal professionals and members of the public.

Zylpha's free court bundle software has revolutionised the creation of court bundles. By eliminating the need for cumbersome and time-consuming paper-based processes, the software has streamlined and simplified the preparation of court bundles, saving legal professionals valuable time and resources, and making it accessible to those wishing to represent themselves in court too.

The online software offers a host of powerful features designed to enhance efficiency and accuracy. With no software to install or credit card information required, users can start building court-compliant bundles online immediately. Unlike other systems which entice users with a free trial, only to force them into a paid upgrade, the Zylpha bundling platform has a ‘forever free’ plan which is intended to get organisations and individuals benefitting from the cost-efficient platform as quickly as possible.

The user-friendly interface, featuring a drag-and-drop file uploader, enables users to effortlessly create, edit, and manage court bundles securely. The software also provides free cover page templates, which along with the automatic indexing and pagination options, ensure full compliance with the strict requirements of UK law courts.

Zylpha's software has revolutionised the way court bundles are prepared, significantly reducing the risk of errors and delays. This has enabled legal teams to focus more on delivering exceptional client service and achieving favourable outcomes.

"We are absolutely delighted to reach the 2000-user milestone,"

said Tim Long, CEO of Zylpha.

"This achievement reflects our commitment to providing innovative and user-friendly solutions that streamline the document bundling process and supports access to justice by making our software available to the general public."

Zylpha's free online court bundle software offers a range of features to enhance efficiency and accuracy in the document bundling process. These include seamless integrations with the leading legal technology platforms Leap & iManage, robust security and privacy features, automated numbering, and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, meeting the evolving needs of legal professionals and organizations of all sizes, from solo practitioners to multinational corporate legal departments

As Zylpha continues to innovate and expand its suite of legal technology solutions, the company remains committed to empowering legal professionals to work smarter and more efficiently.

Discover Zylpha's free online court bundle software for yourself and start your journey towards a more streamlined and efficient court bundle preparation process.

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