How to Prepare a Court Bundle: A Step-by-Step Guide

Whether you're representing yourself in court or simply want to understand the process better, we’ll walk you through the steps of preparing a court bundle effectively.

Firstly, what is a court bundle?

A court bundle is a comprehensive collection of documents, evidence, and paperwork that is essential for presenting a case in court. It serves as a reference point for the judge, solicitors, and other parties involved in the proceedings, ensuring that all parties have access to the same information. The contents of a bundle can include pleadings, witness statements, expert reports, and exhibits, to name just a few.

It’s important to take time to understand what's required in a court bundle. Each court might have slightly different requirements, so it's essential to check any specific instructions provided by the court where your case being heard. The court’s guidelines will clearly outline the format, content, and deadlines for submitting a bundle.

1. Gather your documents

Once you've familiarised yourself with the court's requirements, begin gathering all the relevant documents for inclusion in the bundle. Make sure to obtain certified copies of documents where necessary and organise them in chronological order to facilitate easy reference during proceedings.

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Zylpha Bundling has a handy drag and drop feature that allows you to upload files to your bundle quickly and easily. For legal professionals, it’s also worth noting that there are also iManage and Leap connectors.

2. Organise your bundle

Organisation is key. Start by dividing your documents into logical sections based on their nature or relevancy to various aspects of the case. This will make it easier for you and others to find specific documents during the court proceedings.

Sections can include:

  • Case Summary: A concise overview of the case, including the parties involved, key issues, and relevant dates.
  • Pleadings: The claim form, defence, counterclaim, and any subsequent amendments.
  • Witness Statements: Arrange witness statements in the order they are to be presented in court.
  • Expert Reports: If expert evidence is being relied upon, include the relevant reports along with any accompanying documentation.
  • Exhibits: Collate exhibits such as photographs, contracts, invoices, and other tangible evidence.

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If you use Zylpha Bundling, you can easily create sections within your bundle and either drag and drop your files and documents to create a “custom” order, or simply arrange them using the “sort” feature.

3. Customise your bundle

Customising your bundle not only makes it look professional but also helps you stay organised and focused during court.

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With Zylpha, you can select the pagination for your bundle from a range of predesigned styles. When you’ve generated the bundle, a hyperlinked index will automatically be created for you. You don’t even need to worry about updating the index if you make any changes to your documents or their sort order – the software does it all for you. You can even upload your own cover page, or use one of the templates provided, all for free.

4. Ensure compliance

It's crucial to ensure that your court bundle complies with the rules and standards set by the court.

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Zylpha Bundling software creates court-compliant bundles in a pdf format. The software also helps to ensure compliance with UK court standards.

5. Review & finalise

Before finalising your court bundle, take the time to review each document carefully. Check for any missing documents, inaccuracies, or inconsistencies that may impact the presentation of your case. It's also advisable to have another set of eyes review the bundle to catch any oversights.

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With Zylpha Bundling you can easily rearrange the order of files within sections by simply using the drag and drop feature. You can also select single or multiple files and move them to different sections within the same bundle. If you upgrade your free account to Solo, you’ll unlock extra tools such as redaction, annotation, and other document/pdf editing features.

6. Assemble & submit

Once you're satisfied that everything is in order its worth making multiple copies of the bundle, keeping one for your records and submitting the rest to the court and other parties.

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Zylpha Bundling creates a single paginated and hyperlinked pdf bundle that you can download and copy. Using Zylpha’s free online bundle software, you can build one 350-page bundle at a time, and then when you've finished, simply delete the bundle, and start another for free! For the freedom to work on larger, multiple bundles simultaneously, upgrade your free account to Solo to create up to forty 5000-page bundles.


Whether you're representing yourself or seeking assistance from legal professionals, preparing court bundles doesn't have to be overwhelming. By following these simple steps and utilising Zylpha’s free court bundle software online you can create a professional and well-organised pdf court compliant bundle in minutes.

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