Online bundling integration with iManage & LEAP makes light work of uploading files

Efficiency is crucial in legal practices, and Zylpha's integration of online bundling tools with prominent platforms like iManage and LEAP significantly simplifies the document bundling process for legal professionals.

This article delves into the practical advantages of these integrations, providing practical insights into how users can effortlessly access their files to begin building court-compliant document bundles online in minutes.

Bundling Integration Benefits:

Integrating with document and practice management systems like iManage and LEAP offers Zylpha’s online document bundling account holders some important key advantages:

  • Accessible: Online bundling is accessible to law firms and legal teams of all sizes but it’s also particularly helpful for remote workers, or for those who simply need a convenient way to generate bundles online. The system’s ‘Connected Apps’ function enables users to access their existing files and folders within iManage and LEAP with just the click of a button.
  • Affordable: The software is available for free! Simply sign-up for an account with an email address and password to start bundling your iManage and LEAP documents online. No credit card information is required unless you decide to upgrade to unlock tools or access additional functionality. Upgrades start at just £20 per user per month, or £150 per user per annum.  
  • Quick: Uploading files is quick and seamless, making it faster to create bundles than ever. Users can browse for files within iManage and LEAP or use the drag and drop feature to build bundles in minutes.
  • Secure: At all times, your documents remain secure. Zylpha is accredited with the globally recognised ISO 27001 certification, demonstrating the integrity of its data and systems, and commitment to information security.
  • Compliant: Account holders can bundle with confidence safe in the knowledge that Zylpha bundling complies with the national guidelines for electronic bundles as stipulated by the UK court system.

Making the Connection:

Connecting Zylpha’s cloud-based software with iManage or LEAP takes just a few clicks:

  1. Zylpha Login: Login to your Zylpha Bundling online account.
  2. Connect: Navigate to your Zylpha account settings, click on the ‘Connected Apps’ tab, and select iManage or LEAP to complete the connection.
  3. iManage/LEAP Login: When prompted, login to your iManage/LEAP account.

Building Court Bundles Online:

There are several ways to upload files:

  1. Drag and Drop: Simply drag and drop files directly into a section.
  2. Add New: Click the ‘Add new’ button to drag and drop files into the upload area. iManage and LEAP users will see an additional tab in this pop-up window that will enable them to locate files and folders from their systems directly.
  3. Browse: From the upload area use the ‘Browse’ button to navigate to files.
  4. Section Properties: Click the 3 vertical dots to view the ‘Section properties’ panel. From here you can drag and drop files into the upload area or use the browse button.


By integrating online bundling software with iManage and LEAP, legal professionals can streamline their document management processes and focus on delivering exceptional service to their clients. It’s time to say goodbye to the headaches of manual file uploads and embrace a more efficient approach to document bundling. With these powerful integrations, uploading files using iManage and LEAP has never been easier. Sign-up today and try it for yourself!

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