Zylpha launch V5.3 PAYG bundle software in recognition of first 250 LEAP customers

Zylpha announced a significant new version of its widely acclaimed Pay As You Go integration for LEAP’s practice management software.

This new version builds on the success of Zylpha’s original LEAP integration which has already secured 250 users, including: Dovaston Law, Bell Lamb & Joynson, Joanna Connolly Solicitors and Mulcahy Smith.

With Zylpha’s prices now starting at just £45 per bundle, legal document bundling has become truly affordable with firms only paying for what they use. The comprehensive Zylpha PAYG document bundling system provides everything LEAP’s users need to create the highest quality bundles via a user-friendly dashboard. This unique approach streamlines and simplifies even the largest, most complex document bundles. Additionally, Zylpha’s bundling system eliminates costs such as stationery, photocopying, paper file-storage, maintenance and courier charges.

Reflecting LEAP and other users’ feedback to date, the new version (v5.3) incorporates a host of new features.

PAYG Bundle Software New Features:

  • The ability to preview documents, as they are bundled from LEAP or other systems.
  • The inclusion of Smart Page Labels, which are more indexable and easily searchable.
  • The ability to source bundle documents from your PC, shared storage or case management system.
  • The ability to either save a copy of a bundle or create a bundle template for future use.
  • The ability to confirm whether bundles are billable via a pop-up confirmation screen, thereby avoiding any unexpected billing surprises.

Commenting on the launch of the new integration, Karen Dovaston of Dovaston Law noted,

“Zylpha’s document bundling is a really valuable toolset and given the smoothness of integration with our LEAP case management system it works really well. It’s now so simple to create even the most complex bundles, taking only a fraction of the time it took previously. In addition, it drastically reduces the need for storage, photocopying or dispatch costs. Overall this is a great boost towards systems efficiency and overall practice productivity.”

Zylpha CEO Tim Long welcomed Karen’s comments adding:

“LEAP’s practice management system is the go-to practice management solution for small to medium-sized legal practices and is widely acclaimed for its innovative product, rich content and quality of service. We are delighted to integrate with their software through our PAYG integration. This allows us to enhance their offering by delivering a fully professional document bundling solution on a Pay As You Bundle basis, thereby ensuring that highly efficient legal practices, such as Dovaston Law, only pay for what they use. It’s proved to be a real game changer for this size of legal practice and we already have 250 customers using the platform regularly on a daily basis. For this reason, we are confident that the new version will build on this success and we look forward to working with LEAP to develop ever better ways of supporting their clients.”

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