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All the latest news and product information about Zylpha's PAYG document bundling software, including case studies and client testimonials.

Pay-as-you-go bundling is an installed Windows desktop document bundling software solution that integrates with many of the leading case and document management systems. The price plan is a simple flat fee of just £45 for each unique bundle. It's an affordable and easy to use bundle creation tool that enables legal teams to keep track of costs, which can then be passed on to clients where appropriate.

Our blog articles contain resources and information designed to aid legal professionals. Content includes instructions and guidelines on how to use Zylpha Bundling, along with articles that cover our legal technology integrations, backed by case studies and reviews from legal teams both large and small.

For details on the features, benefits, and specifications of our document bundling products and integrations, check out our downloads page, or meet us in person at an event.

By staying up to date with our news stories and software updates you can ensure compliance with court requirements and consistently follow best practices guidelines. You may even find yourself a recipient of a Zylpha Innovation Award!

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