Allard Bailey choose Zylpha’s Pay As You Bundle software to boost flexibility

Boutique London practice, Allard Bailey Family Law, has chosen online Pay-As-You-Go bundling software from Zylpha.

The new software frees staff from days spent at photocopiers preparing document bundles and allows them to work efficiently from home where appropriate. Based in Holborn, in the heart of London’s legal district and close to the Central Family Court, Allard Bailey uses modern technology to deliver a truly flexible service that meets the needs of clients and keeps their costs down. Zylpha’s bundling fits this strategy well, especially now more courts are accepting electronic files.

Zylpha’s electronic Pay-As-You-Go bundling software incorporates everything Allard Bailey needs to create the highest quality online document bundles. Content can be accessed from a single-view dashboard-like screen, which makes it clear, concise and easy to use when creating even the largest most detailed document bundles. This is because the system’s unique single-view digital approach streamlines and simplifies the arrangement and pagination of documents, saving a considerable amount of time and removing any complexity involved. Files included can be taken from any popular document format and can also include other streams such as CCTV and audio evidence.

Typically, Zylpha’s electronic bundling software delivers time savings of over 80% when compared to traditional manual bundling alternatives. Additionally, Zylpha’s system eliminates costs such as stationery, photocopying, paper file-storage and courier charges.

Allard Bailey’s Senior Consultant Solicitor Louise Poulton noted

“With Zylpha, our document bundling has become a lot quicker and the bundles are much easier to construct. Whether in the office or working from home, the Zylpha bundling platform saves us hours of work and these savings can be passed on to clients, which is important to us. Electronic files are also far more acceptable to Counsel now, so this choice has proved timely too.”

Rachel Kitson, Technical Account Manager of Zylpha welcomed Louise’s comments adding,

“We have been incredibly impressed by Allard Bailey’s commitment to client care and their quick response to the changing needs of the UK Court Service. We have also been impressed by their commitment to the use of technology where it can improve working practices or lower client costs. We are delighted therefore that they have chosen to use Zylpha bundling as a key element of this strategy and we look forward to working closely with them over time.”
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