Simplify Email Organisation within a Bundle with Zylpha's De-Threading Tool

New Integrated Email Thread Management Feature

Zylpha has developed an email de-threading tool that simplifies the organisation and management of emails related to specific cases. The tool allows users to de-thread emails, separating them from their original threaded conversations.

By de-threading emails, users can focus on individual messages and easily select and include only the relevant emails in their document bundles. This capability further enhances the efficiency and accuracy of Zylpha's document bundling software, which adheres to "best practice" guidelines ensuring court compliance.

What is email de-threading?

In threaded email conversations, multiple replies or forwards are grouped together, forming a chronological sequence of related messages. Email de-threading is a process that involves organising email conversations into separate, individual messages. By de-threading emails, the original thread structure is removed, and each email can be treated as a standalone message.

Key features:

Structure removal: De-threading separates messages that were previously grouped together within an email thread. It breaks the conversation into individual messages, eliminating the hierarchical structure that connects them.

Independent messages: After de-threading, each email can be treated as a separate message with its own sender, recipients, subject, and content. This can be useful when needing to focus on a particular email without the clutter of the entire conversation.

Organisation: De-threaded emails are often organised in a single/flat view, where messages are displayed in a sequential order, making it easier to locate and manage specific emails. It can be particularly useful when searching for information or when dealing with lengthy email chains.

NOTE: While de-threading simplifies an email view, it also removes the contextual information provided by the threaded structure. Without the original thread, it may be challenging to understand the full conversation history, especially if there are multiple participants and back-and-forth exchanges.

Additional features & benefits:

Auto Format Email Description: This allows the user to choose a naming convention for any .msg file added to a bundle. It pulls data from the .msg file itself and can include an accurate timestamp within the document name, date, recipient and/or sender. This eliminates the need to open the .msg file separately to confirm the basic information.

Trim remaining threads: Users can remove entire email chains from a bundle, keeping only the most recent email. This is particularly useful when dealing with lengthy chains containing numerous emails. By trimming the remaining threads, users can ensure their bundle complies with any page limitations and include only relevant content.


Zylpha's comprehensive email management tools, which include email de-threading, auto format email descriptions, and the ability to trim remaining threads, contributes to the efficient organisation and management of emails within document bundles. These features enhance productivity and accuracy whilst adhering to best practices guidelines for court compliancy.

The email de-threading tools are currently available with Enterprise Bundling and Pay-As-You-Go document bundling accounts.

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