NEW Release - MoJ Portal update October 2016

We’ve been working hard on updates to our RapidRTA and ELPL products to accommodate the new functionality in Portal Release 5.

The changes have been well publicised by the Portal organisation.

The headline item as far as the Portal organisation is concerned is the provision of facilities to transfer claims in bulk, either from compensator to compensator or from claimant rep to claimant rep. In our products this will be reflected in the existing scheduled notification and status update functions and an additional screen to record details of any transferred claims. This is a minor change as far as our standard product functionality is concerned, although any clients proposing to transfer claims in or out will need additional bespoke functionality to suit their particular requirements for processing and closing claims transferred out or case inception of claims transferred in.

The main changes in our standard products are:

  • New dedicated field for the AskCUEPI reference on claim submission (RTA only)
  • Soft Tissue Injury question and MedCo case reference on Interim and Stage 2 Settlement Pack submission(RTA only)
  • CRU Reference and Comments now returned by insurer with ISP or SPF response (RTA and ELPL)
  • Rejection Reason Code now provided by insurer when a claim is rejected (RTA and ELPL)
  • New ‘AcknowledgeRejectedClaim’ function (RTA and ELPL)

The release 5 changes are mandatory, meaning that if clients wish to continue to use the Portal’s a2a functionality once release 5 goes live on Tuesday 29th November they MUST upgrade. For any clients already using the latest versions of RapidRTA (v5.2.3.0) and ELPL (v1.3.1.0) the update is relatively straightforward, though clients on earlier versions will need to “fill in the gaps”. Changes should be well within the capabilities of on-site developers, but we will of course provide help where appropriate under DeveloperPlus or on an ad hoc project basis.

The final specification from the Portal was delivered late, which has had an impact on our planned timescales to develop and test the updated integrations. In addition we have uncovered a couple of issues that we have had to refer back to the Portal Helpdesk, one of which has already resulted in a schema change. We hope to have our remaining queries resolved shortly.

We will be updating our clients regularly on progress and will do our utmost to get the new release distributed to our clients as soon as possible.

Our Claims Portal integration page details the latest product information.

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