Central Bedfordshire Coroners select Zylpha Bundling

By using electronic bundling technology, the potential efficiency gains are significant.

The 12 strong team at Central Bedfordshire provides an extremely effective service, meeting all the evidence and inquest requirements for the coronial area of Bedfordshire and Luton. Each week the team handles a number of inquests that require disclosure bundles and it’s not unusual for them to run to several hundred pages.

Often these more complex cases can include detailed inquest files, along with numerous evidence bundles for a much wider range of third parties, including families of the deceased and their legal representatives to any council, health service or police witnesses involved. With these more complex cases, there can often be a sudden influx of information from numerous sources with the need to produce individual bundles for each the eleven members of an inquest jury. All of this information has to be incorporated and indexed effectively prior to the start of an inquest. Zylpha’s document bundling software automates these processes saving the Coroner’s operation considerable time and money in collating, indexing, paginating and maintaining the relevant bundles.

As Stephan Conaway Chief Information Officer at Central Bedfordshire notes;

“Central Bedfordshire Council seeks to use software and technology to streamline its processes – helping staff to work in the most effective way possible, while reducing the financial burden on the taxpayer.
“Using Zylpha software means staff in the coroner service can produce inquest and disclosure bundles in a more efficient way.”

For his part Zylpha’s CEO Tim Long added,

“Effective bundling is at the administrative heart of any coroner’s operation. This means that the potential time and resource savings from using electronic bundling are significant. Central Bedfordshire Coroner service has recognised this and we are delighted that they have chosen Zylpha to manage the processes. We look forward to working closely with them.”
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