Zylpha online bundling software now connects with LEAP and iManage as demand increases

Zylpha, a leading provider of document bundling technology, has announced that its cloud-based bundling software now connects with LEAP and iManage due to growing demand.

The integrations enable users of these popular systems to quickly and easily create professional-looking document bundles, improving efficiency levels and saving valuable time.

The online document bundling software solution is especially helpful for remote workers or those who need a convenient way to generate bundles online. Demand for Zylpha's bundling software has increased due to the growing complexity of new Court guidelines, as well as the company's unique offering of a completely free plan, which recently celebrated its 1000th user.

The integration with LEAP and iManage is expected to make the bundling platform more accessible to law firms and legal teams of all sizes.

Commenting on the announcement, Tim Long, CEO at Zylpha, said,

"We are delighted to announce that our online document bundling now connects with LEAP and iManage. These integrations are a significant step forward for our online users and a fantastic addition to our bundling platform. We are excited to see the benefits the iManage and LEAP integrations will bring to our users."
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