Zylpha Online Bundling: Feature Rich Product Update

We are excited to introduce a brand-new range of features that will further enhance the document bundling experience for our online users.

The updates are designed to streamline workflows, boost productivity, and provide users with greater control over their documents, enabling them to produce professional, polished bundles effortlessly every time.

What's New?

Simpler navigation and account settings

We've streamlined the navigation structure to enhance the user experience. Users can now easily access the bundle grid view page or their account settings with just one click from the navigation bar at the top of the screen. Account settings and the logout option are conveniently located in a dropdown menu, while accessing the bundle main view is as simple as clicking the grid view icon. These subtle yet impactful changes not only increase available space for building bundles but also make navigating through the bundle workspace smoother and more intuitive than ever before.

Improved file positioning

While users have been accustomed to dragging and dropping files and sections whilst building their bundle, it wasn't visually apparent that this functionality was available. To address this, we've introduced hover-over icons in the form of grid lines, hand icons, and yellow drop indicator lines. These elements clearly indicate where users can reposition documents and sections during the bundling process, making it unmistakably clear when a drag and drop action is possible, as well as the precise position where the drop will occur.

In-Line editing

The introduction of 'In-line Editing' brings added convenience by allowing swift modifications to file and section display names directly within the interface, eliminating the need to open the properties panel. This feature further streamlines the editing process, enabling users to effortlessly update file and section names seamlessly as they bundle, enhancing efficiency and productivity within the bundling application.

Download copies of uploaded files

The newly added feature enables users to download copies of files directly within their bundle, offering enhanced control over documents throughout the bundling process. This functionality allows users to obtain copies effortlessly without to navigate away from the bundle workspace. Now users can efficiently access and manage their documents. It's another small but significant enhancement that contributes to improving the overall user experience, something we believe users will greatly appreciate.

Document editor (Solo License Exclusive)

Solo bundling license holders now have the power to edit documents within their bundle before the bundle is even generated. With access to editing tools like redaction, annotation, and drawing, users gain control over their documents, ensuring accuracy and quality control. This saves time and enables users to respond quickly to changes. (Note: This feature is exclusively for Solo online bundling users. Free users can upgrade to Solo to access these powerful tools.)


These new features mark a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to deliver a seamless and intuitive online document bundling experience, and we are excited for you to discover firsthand the impact these features can have. Sign up for a FREE account to get started.

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