RapidRTA Claims Portal integration V5.2.0.0

We are pleased to announce that version of our Zylpha Rapid RTA Claims Portal Integration product has been fully released from today.

What’s New?

Enhanced CNF processing gets claims to the Claims Portal more quickly and accurately:

  • Streamlined “add claim” functionality provides enhanced logic which enables previously completed and validated sections to be bypassed where data is entered or updated progressively on receipt.
  • Submission progress is displayed on a new CNF summary screen, with hyperlinks to individual CNF sections to check / update data as required.
  • CNF data validation has been reviewed and overhauled to provide improved and more informative error messages prior to submission, aimed at trapping errors and omissions as early as possible in the take-on process.

Updated Stage 2 workflow is more informative and easier to use:

  • Interim settlement pack history is now automatically retrieved from the portal prior to any further ISP submission. A new button on the interim settlement pack screen allows easy reference to detail of previous ISP submissions.
  • Settlement pack and additional damages submissions and offers now display amount claimed in the confirmation prompt.
  • A new button has been added to the Stage 2 workflow screen to retrieve the insurer’s response to an additional damages request.
  • The court proceedings pack form (CPPF) submission and response process has been improved, with a new “get CPPF response” function and a re-designed screen which presents claimant submission and insurer response data. The get CPPF response function has been combined with the acknowledgement to the insurer.

Improved User Guidance:

  • User guidance messages provided by the status update function have been improved for clarity and are now also updated by the scheduled status update script.

Updated Draft CNF Word Documents:

  • CNF documents in MS Word form, introduced in version, have been substantially updated to accommodate up to 4 witness / other party details (Section I).

Time-saving for system developers:

  • Scripts retrieving portal data now include calls to blank placeholder scripts for easy development of bespoke updates to established source applications.
  • The configuration section at the head of each script containing a portal function has been replaced by a call to a single new script. This is for simplicity and ease of maintenance.
  • Additionally a significant number of bug fixes and minor enhancements arising since release of in August 2014 have been consolidated.

For users on v5.1.0.0 the release includes:

  • Over 100 new or updated scripts
  • 1 new database screen
  • 11 updated database screens
  • Updated RapidRTA Broker and Installshield

All updates are delivered by Safedrop, which will be available for 7 days. After this time you will need to request the information again. *Zylpha offer installation of software upgrades in addition to any existing or pre-arranged service contract and you may incur additional charges.

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