Zylpha Bundling Product Update: Core Bundles

When you are producing electronic court bundles, you may not want to include all of the documents, as for various reasons some recipients are not intended to view all of the components of the bundle.

In the past, if you wanted to create a bundle that did not include all documents (and similarly a bundle that did include all documents) then you would have to create two separate bundles updating both of them each time you added/removed a document.

Whilst this was still a vast improvement over creating manual bundles, we knew that this was not the most efficient way and during the middle of last year we launched an internal project (asked Nigel and the development team really nicely) to create an easier and quicker solution within our electronic court bundling system.

Introducing the core bundles feature

This feature makes it really simple to add a document to the index without it physically being present in the bundle when produced.

This latest update includes the facility to create a core bundle and a standard bundle all from the same set of documents and with the same index and pagination.

Core bundling key features:

Customisable Removal Referencing: You can choose how you want to indicate which documents have been excluded from the electronic court bundle by using a symbol, strike through, or greyed out. Making it easy to see which documents have been removed.

Works with Visualfiles: Existing Visualfiles users can take advantage of both Zylpha electronic document bundling, and the core bundles feature direct from within Visualfiles.

Customisable Index Text: Now you can include text at the bottom of the index to explain why certain documents have been excluded from the core bundle.

Produce both bundles at the same time: You no longer need to create one file for a core bundle, and another for the full bundle, as both can be created at the same time.

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