New Release - MoJ Claims Portal ELPL Update November 2016

We are pleased to announce that the ELPL v1.4.0 integration is now available.

Please note that this upgrade is mandatory and, if you wish to continue to use the Portal a2a integration seamlessly after go live of Release 5, you must upgrade ELPL.

This release package includes a new version of the ELPL executable program which will need to be installed on all relevant client machines over the weekend of the Portal Release 5 upgrade (as well as asap on any machines used for testing!). For users already on v1.3.0 of ELPL or using the Visualfiles Add-in version, this should be a relatively straightforward upgrade. Non add-in or SolCase users on earlier or bespoke versions may need to “fill in the functionality gaps” from previous upgrades.

Release notes of earlier versions are available on request for reference from if required.


The MOJ Claims Portal EL/PL update in November 2016 refers to changes made to the Electronic Portal for Employers' Liability/Public Liability (EL/PL) claims in the United Kingdom by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ). The changes were aimed at improving the efficiency and transparency of the claims process for both claimants and defendants.

The updates introduced several key changes, including increasing the upper limit for claims that can be handled through the portal from £25,000 to £100,000. This means that a greater number of claims can be processed more quickly and efficiently through the portal, which is designed to streamline the claims process and reduce costs for all parties involved.

Other changes include the introduction of a new process for handling multiple defendant claims and the requirement for claimants to provide more detailed information about their claims upfront, in order to speed up the process of assessing claims and making settlement offers.

The MOJ have also introduced a new system for monitoring the performance of claims management companies and other organisations that handle EL/PL claims. This is to improve standards and help to weed out fraudulent or unethical practices in the industry.

Overall, the MOJ Claims Portal EL/PL update is an important step towards improving the efficiency and transparency of the claims process for EL/PL claims in the UK.

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