Bundling product update 19th May 2020 – Zylpha goes LIVE

Join us on the 19th May at 7pm when we’ll be showcasing the latest Zylpha Bundling product update in a LIVE stream video, and we’re giving away a case of wine too!

This live video stream presented on Facebook LIVE and other social media platforms, will cover the newest product features that have been added to Zylpha Bundling, which will be available for download shortly. In addition we’ll also be taking a quick look at a much anticipated new feature that we’re working on, and hope to have available later this year.

We’ll also be giving away a case of wine, to one lucky person on our Facebook channel.

Why is it starting at 7pm?

I wish this was because of some indepth academic study, that proves that 7pm is the best time to watch a product update. It’s actually because the kids will be in bed, which means I don’t have to worry about them running in half-way through the session.

Why are we going LIVE on Facebook?

We advocate communicating with your clients in the way that they want to be communicated with. Facebook has such a large user base that many of our clients are already on, plus there is no software to download and configure. It can also be viewed on your phone, tablet, computer, tv or games console.

Ok, but I don’t have a facebook account

Don’t worry. We’ll be live streaming on other platforms too.

Why are you giving away a case of wine?

It’s a nice thing to do – and at the moment we can all do with something nice.

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