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Our free online document bundling software is used by legal teams and professionals who need to prepare a bundle of documents online quickly and easily, without compromising on quality.

Use one of our document bundle templates for the cover page (we provide examples for you to choose from), and then check out the index template options. The drag-and-drop file uploader makes the document bundling process super simple too, so you can prepare bundles online in the most efficient way possible. With automatic pagination as well, this really is a fantastically efficient document bundling solution, and it's completely free to use!

With no software to install and no need to input your credit card information either, you can get started straight away. But don't just take our word for it, test the software out for yourself by creating a free online account. If you like what you see create all the free bundles you like, one at a time.

Join the thousands of other legal professionals who are using this document bundling solution to create bundles. Sign-up today to get started.

  • FREE document bundles
  • Online tool - no software to install
  • Unlimited users
  • No credit card info required
  • LEAP connector
  • iManage connector
  • Easy to upgrade for more features & control
  • 1 active bundle
  • Accepts Microsoft Word & PDF files
  • OCR included
  • Up to 350 pages
  • Up to 10MB per file upload
  • Up to 30MB per bundle
  • 30-day bundle retention period
  • Cover page templates (with previews), or upload your own cover page
  • Bundle index template styles (with previews). Choose from: none, alpha, numeric or continuous numbering
  • Multi-select documents
  • Watermark on all pages (upgrade to Solo to remove)
  • Internet connection required
  • Not compatible with Internet Explorer
  • You must login every 30 days to retain access to your account. If your account hasn't been used for over 30 days, it will be deleted.
I've finished one document bundle and want to start a new one. How do I do that?

To start another document bundle simply delete the previous one from your online account. Once a bundle has been deleted we cannot retrieve it, so be sure you want to create a new one before you begin.

How many free bundles can I build?

You can build as many free bundles as you like but you can only work on one at a time. There is a 30-day retention period, so if you want to keep a bundle going, just be sure to login to your account every now and then. We will send you reminders from time to time if we don't see you online.

Is there a limit to the number of users our firm can have on a free account?

Free online account user numbers are limitless as they are based on individual usage. All you need to get a free account is an active email address.

For more answers to frequently asked questions, take a look at our FAQs page.

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If you're looking for more, when you sign-up for a FREE account you have the option to upgrade to Solo Online.

What do I get with a Solo Online account?

  • LEAPconnector
  • iManage connector
  • No software to install
  • 40 active court document bundles
  • Accepts Word, PDF, Email, Excel, Notepad, Images, HTML, Powerpoint, Visio, Audio and Video files
  • OCR included
  • PDF Editor tools (with redaction included)
  • Up to 5000 pages
  • Up to 100MB per file upload
  • Up to 1GB per bundle
  • Court document bundle templates (with previews), or upload your own cover page
  • Bundle index template styles (with previews). Choose from: none, alpha, numeric or continuous numbering

Timothy Becker - Chairman of the Public Access Bar Association:

This bundle app is jaw droppingly fantastic. As Chairman of the Public Access Bar Association I would strongly endorse this free (for one bundle users) service which is easy to use and spectacularly  impressive in what it creates. Ideal for any litigant in person who appears either on his or her own or with a directly instructed barrister. I used it myself for clients and I cannot praise it enough. The time savings to my clients is awesome.

Bundling software solutions

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