Zylpha launches new version of its MOJ Portal integration

Zylpha, the UK’s leading legal systems innovator has launched a new version of its widely acclaimed MoJ (Ministry of Justice) Portal integration.

The software, which incorporates a host of new features and functionality, automates the smooth transfer of case management information for RTA (Road Traffic Accident) and EL/PL (Employers’ and Public liability) Portal submissions. This significantly speeds up the document submission process, whilst reducing costs and eliminating the manual input errors associated with the double handling of data.

The latest version now has intuitive new workflow screens with additional context sensitive user guidance to aid navigation and enhance user experience. There are also options to chain consecutive portal functions where appropriate, thereby saving time and ensuring improved accuracy. Scheduled status updates are also now included at each stage with clear visibility of timeout dates to reduce risk.

The new RTA/ELPL release is fully integrated within leading Case Management Systems, SolCase and Visualfiles from LexisNexis and significantly reduce the time taken to complete submissions from 25 minutes down to five minutes on average.  The new intuitive workflow screens and user enhancements it is hoped to reduce the time taken even further.

Commenting on the new version Tim Long CEO of Zylpha added,

“We were really impressed by the time and cost savings that our original solution delivered for our clients. By taking this version to new levels of refinement, with added features and functionality, we are convinced it will soon establish itself as a must have best-practice solution. Quite simply, our team has just made an extremely successful system even better.”
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