Birkett Long smarten AML processes with Zylpha's SmartSearch integration

Birkett Long LLP has chosen Zylpha’s SmartSearch AML (Anti Money Laundering) integration to be used in conjunction with their existing case-management software.

The move will enable the practice to process and complete AML checks more easily. Zylpha is a long standing channel partner of SmartSearch, the unique multi-award winning anti-money laundering verification tool, used by professionals in the legal, accounting and financial services sectors. In developing the link with LexisNexis, Zylpha has created a truly effective AML solution for legal practices of all sizes.

Based in Essex, with offices in Chelmsford, Basildon and Colchester, Birkett Long is focused on its clients, employees & business partners with dedicated teams of specialist lawyers offering clients a full range of legal advice. Effective AML management is a key area of the practice’s client matter management and these days requires a consistently high standard of process automation. By using Zylpha’s SmartSearch integration, Birkett Long’s staff need no longer perform manual searches, or copy type information. Everything is now done within the SolCase case management solution.

As Trudy Hooper, Associate & IT & Business Operations Manager at Birkett Long explains,

“By using SmartSearch, in conjunction with SolCase, we not only save a great deal of time, but we also find that the results are free from typos and other manual input errors. Better still, we don’t have to leave SolCase to carry out the process and the results are then safely held within our case management system for future reference. Zylpha’s successful SmartSearch automation enables us to automate our AML systems fully with all the significant benefits that this brings.”

For his part Zylpha CEO, Tim Long welcomed Trudy’s comments adding,

“This is one area where technology makes a huge difference and where you can combine the best AML solution with a much-loved case management solution, it makes a strong business case. Naturally, therefore we are delighted that Birkett Long has chosen our SmartSearch integration and look forward to working closely with them over time.”
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