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Peppermint Electronic Bundling Connector

Build bundles faster and more efficiently with our Peppermint CX & Sharepoint Online connectors

Peppermint CX & Sharepoint Online Electronic Bundling Software

Building bundles has never been easier, faster or more efficient with Zylpha’s Peppermint CX & Sharepoint Online connectors. These connectors for our electronic document bundling and Court bundle platform mean that law firms and legal teams that use Peppermint CX as their case management system or Sharepoint Online as their document store can add files to an electronic bundle seamlessly.

Using Zylpha’s tried-and-tested integration process the connectors for Peppermint CX & Sharepoint Online mean that bundles can be created in minutes. 

Getting started with Peppermint CX electronic bundling

Building a bundle with the Peppermin CX & Sharepoint Online connectors for Zylpha electronic bundling has never been easier. It’s as simple as activating your software licence and then adding your credentials to the Peppermint connector.

Additional Info:

Launched: June 2021

Price plans: Pay-as you-go & Enterprise

Peppermint CX & Sharepoint Online Information Sheet

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