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It's the legal document bundling software solution you've been looking for. All the tools you need to build FREE court compliant, legal bundles online quickly & easily 24/7.

Sign-up today and start streamlining your court bundle production process online. There's nothing to pay and no software to install. All you need is an internet connection!

FREE Bundle
  • FREE legal bundle plan available
  • No software to install
  • Unlimited users
  • No credit card info required
  • LEAP connector
  • 1 active court bundle
  • Accepts Word & PDF files
  • Up to 50 MB bundle size
  • Up to 10 MB doc size
  • Up to 350 pages
  • 30-day court bundle retention period
  • Court bundle templates
  • Internet connection required
  • Not compatible with Internet Explorer
  • Registered users must login every 30 days to retain access to their account. After 30 days of inactivity the account will be deleted.
I've finished one document bundle and want to start a new one. How do I do that?

To start another document bundle simply delete the previous one from your online account. Once a bundle has been deleted we cannot retrieve it, so be sure you want to create a new one before you begin.

How many free bundles can I build?

You can build as many free bundles as you like but you can only work on one at a time. There is a 30-day retention period, so if you want to keep a bundle going, just be sure to login to your account every now and then. We will send you reminders from time to time if we don't see you online.

Is there a limit to the number of users our firm can have on a free account?

Free online account user numbers are limitless as they are based on individual usage. All you need to get a free account is an active email address.

For more answers to frequently asked questions, take a look at our FAQs page.

If you're looking for more, when you sign-up for a FREE account you have the option to upgrade to Solo Online.

What do I get with a Solo Online account?

  • LEAP connector
  • No software to install
  • Unlimited users
  • 40 active court document bundles
  • Accepts Word, PDF, Email, Excel, Notepad, Images, HTML, Powerpoint, Visio, Audio and Video files
  • OCR included
  • Up to 50 MB bundle size
  • Up to 10 MB doc size
  • Up to 1000 pages
  • 12-month bundle retention period
  • Court document bundle templates

Court bundle information

Download our free product sheets and guides below to ensure you are up-to-date with the latest document bundling technology and UK Court bundle requirements. Additional information can be found in our library of free downloads.

zylpha free document bundling software product overview sheet

FREE Online Court Bundles

Product sheet for Zylpha's free online document bundling software.

the benefits of ebundling brochure cover

The Benefits of eBundling

Free online document bundling is available to everyone. Find out how to make the most of it.

ebundles court guidance cover

Court Guidance

The latest Court bundle guidelines and how Zylpha Bundling complies.

Document bundling software options

We have electronic document bundling software solutions for all experience levels, budgets and team sizes. Take a look at our pricing page for an overview of the software features, or click on any of the options below for more detailed information.

Woman in an office, smiling using zylpha electronic document bundling software to create court bundles

£150 per annum

Solo Online

For the convenient creation of multiple court bundles online.

Team working on a laptop using zylpha document bundling software to create court bundles

Unlimited Bundles


For legal teams frequently creating large, complex bundles.

Two people working with a laptop using zylpha electronic document bundling software to create court bundles



Zylpha document bundling integrated with Visualfiles.

What is the best document bundling solution for me?

Whether you're looking to integrate with an existing case management system, prefer an installed solution, or simply want to create Court bundles online, find the best software solution for your needs and budget right here.

Document bundling software solutions