Peppermint Document Bundling

Building court compliant document bundles has never been easier, faster or more efficient with Zylpha’s Peppermint CX & Sharepoint Online connectors.

The Peppermint integration for our electronic document bundling and Court bundle platform mean that law firms and legal teams that use Peppermint CX as their case management system, or Sharepoint Online as their document store, can add files to an electronic bundle seamlessly.

Using Zylpha’s tried-and-tested integration for Peppermint CX & Sharepoint Online ensures Peppermint document bundling takes just minutes.

Zylpha Bundling for Peppermint users

If you're a Peppermint user there are a couple of bundling software options available to you. Click below to find out more about each.

office worker preparing court bundles with zylpha electronic document bundling software

PAYG Electronic Document Bundling

For the frequent creation of large court bundles

For full functionality and control we can integrate Peppermint for you on our pay-as-you-go document bundling price plan. You'll get the full range of document bundling tools at one low, fixed price for each unique bundle you build.

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Team working on a laptop using zylpha document bundling software to create court bundles

Enterprise Electronic Document Bundling

For teams frequently creating court bundles

Large volume electronic document bundling discounts are available on our Enterprise plan. You'll get the full suite of document bundling tools for every named user on your team, integrated with Peppermint for a fixed annual fee.

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Court bundle information

Download our free product sheets, brochures and guides below to ensure you are up-to-date with the latest document bundling technology and UK Court bundle requirements. Additional information can be found in our library of free downloads.

Document Bundling overview product sheet

Pay As You Go Document Bundling

Product sheet for Zylpha pay-as-you-go document bundling.

bundling integrations brochure cover

Bundling Integrations

Zylpha document & case management system integrations.

court bundling numbering changes brochure cover

Court Bundling Numbering Changes

The latest requirements affecting the creation of eBundles.