Bury Council chooses Zylpha’s Land Registry integration for its Property Team

Bury Council has chosen Zylpha’s widely acclaimed Land Registry integration for LexisNexis Visualfiles.

The integration streamlines the process by which Visualfiles users can access the Land Registry portal, saving a significant amount of time and resource. The borough has also taken Zylpha’s PDF Mail solution which adds enhanced GDPR compliance functionality from within Visualfiles by adding the ability to send documents to clients which have converted to PDF and password protected.

Zylpha’s Land Registry integration enables Visualfiles users to request information online and to submit registrations to the Land Registry through the Land Registry Business Gateway. All relevant information derived is then automatically stored back within Visualfiles. Users can also request Office Copies, Bankruptcy (K16) searches and utilise the Register Extract Service which makes it easy and straightforward to automatically populate Visualfiles with property register details direct from HM Land Registry’s data. The time savings from using the integration are significant.

Andy Carlile of Bury Council was clear about the benefits of the new system, noting;

“We already had a very positive experience of working with Zylpha on the bundling front, so adding of other Zylpha systems was really a natural development. For Visualfiles users, such as us, Zylpha is tremendous at automating the Land Registry processes, enabling us to both request information and to submit registrations. This saves us a great deal of time and effort. We have also taken Zylpha’s PDF Mail product which helps us remain compliant. We look forward to working closely with Zylpha and evaluating other systems that might benefit the work we do."

Commenting on the news Tim Long CEO welcomed Name’s comments adding;

“Land Registry can be a time consuming and involved process. Our Visualfiles integration streamlines and simplifies the processes significantly, saving considerable time for the user – freeing up resources to be used elsewhere. We are delighted that Bury has chosen to take Zylpha’s Land Registry integration as well as our PDF Mail product for Visualfiles, and look forward to strengthening our relationship over the coming years.”
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