Zylpha Bundling recommended to LEAP law firm Synnott Lawline

Leading Irish law firm, Synnott Lawline has chosen Zylpha electronic bundling to integrate with LEAP. 

Dedicated to providing their clients with the best level of service, Synnott Lawline needed a high-volume document bundling solution that integrated with their existing LEAP case management system, so when LEAP recommended that they approach Zylpha, it was high praise indeed. 

Now one year on, Synnott Lawline reveals why moving to Zylpha Bundling was exactly the right decision at a critical time for the firm.

Michelle Synnott, Associate Solicitor at Synnott Lawline remarked:

"As a firm dedicated to providing clients with the best level of service, we wanted to free up more time to support them by spending less time on administrative tasks. We knew digital document bundles were the way forward, so with security and compliance in mind, we looked for a well-established firm whose software solutions were recognised as "best practice" by law courts up and down the country. Not only did Zylpha stand out as one of the best, but when LEAP also made a strong recommendation that we looked at their software solutions too, we knew we were on to a winner.
"Being able to turn a time-consuming administrative task like document bundling, into something that takes minutes rather than days, has been a dream. The software has been so easy to use, right from day one. And now, one year on, we are well on our way to producing over one thousand bundles with Zylpha. The integration with LEAP is seamless too, which makes it a big hit with the team. Our clients are also reaping the rewards as we now have more time to spend focusing on them, which is just how it should be."

David Chapman - Head of Sales & Marketing at Zylpha responds:

"The Synnott family have been practicing law in Ireland for the best part of a century and are leaders in Irish law. We are delighted that they selected our electronic document bundling platform as it makes perfect sense for their business. They are now producing exceptionally high quantities of document bundles; in fact, they are one of the biggest producers we have seen to date. The team here at Zylpha pride themselves on providing top-level software integrations, and given the number of bundles Synnott Lawline are producing, just demonstrates that the software is standing strong. We couldn't be more delighted."
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