Zylpha deliver full automation for MoJ portal

Zylpha, the UK’s leading innovator of legal document production and distribution systems has extended its widely acclaimed MoJ (Ministry of Justice) Portal integration.

This latest update to the software to incorporates Employers’ and Public liability claims, recently added to the Portal by the MoJ. Zylpha already delivers a successful integration for RTA (Road Traffic Accident) claims, which were previously the sole focus of the Portal.

Zylpha’s software automates the smooth transfer of case management information for claims made on the Portal. This significantly speeds up the document submission process, whilst reducing costs and eliminating the manual input errors associated with the double handling of data. By this means Zylpha significantly reduces file handling time, optimises available efficiencies and ensures full compliance with the Portal’s requirements. With the constant downward pressure on costs, Zylpha feels that such integration is the only viable route for even relatively modest caseloads.

In addition, with the Portal operator’s confirmation that its “A2A” alternative submission option will be extended for EL/PL claims from the end of September 2013, Zylpha has already incorporated this functionality into its systems in readiness. This fits well with Zylpha’s existing experience of the RTA side of the MoJ Portal, where over two thirds of existing RTA firms using Zylpha’s integration system, signed up in advance for “A2A”.

According to Tim Long Zylpha’s CEO,

“Building on the success of the RTA version of the MoJ Portal the government has, as expected, extended its functionality into other areas including Employers’ and Public Liability and as such these changes are fuelling the demand for case automation and legal process efficiency. This one move has ensured that such Portals are here to stay and indeed that they are the next logical evolutionary step. This of course means that an increasing level of claims work is subject to the new rules on cost and procedure, and as such would benefit from effective integration. Zylpha manages and automates this integration process seamlessly and ensures that practices optimise the efficiencies available whilst remaining fully compliant with portal requirements. Consequently, we expect high levels of interest in what we now deliver. Indeed, we believe that we are very close to seeing portal based case management automation, such as that provided by Zylpha, becoming a best practice requirement.”

Zylpha’s MoJ Claims Portal software is seamlessly integrated with leading the Case Management solutions SolCase and Visualfiles from Lexis Nexis. Existing Zylpha Portal users include: Botts, Lester Adridge, MTA Solicitors and Horwich Farrelly.

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