Why ‘Form E’ is no longer a pain to complete

Towards the end of 2020, we started to receive quite a lot of information about how completing the Financial Statement for a Financial Order was a lot more difficult when working from home.

A Form E refers to the Financial Statement for a Financial Order. It needs to be completed by both divorcing parties to enable the court to make a financial order under the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 (or the Civil Partnership Act 2004).

The form is intended to provide the court with comprehensive details of the financial affairs of both parties so that a decision on the proposed financial order or financial relief can be agreed on. But it’s not a short form to complete. The one available to download from the HMCTS website is currently 28 pages. Whilst we don’t intend to build a Form E solution within our bundling platform we are excited to be working with FormEvo an online forms provider.

As a business that ‘makes lawyers’ lives easier’ it was important for us to find a technical solution that can match this ethos. In FormEvo we think we’ve found an amazing organisation that encompasses this attitude.

Having used the system numerous times to complete a test case Form E we were impressed that you only have to complete information once (it will repopulate it where needed). The form can be securely shared with clients, for information they need to provide. The finished form can also be downloaded and added to a Zylpha electronic bundle. In addition, the pay only for what you use pricing model is very compelling and means no expensive contracts needed

We’ve been so impressed with the system that we are in the process of writing an integration for FormEvo into Lexis Nexis Visualfiles. However, if you can’t wait (or do not use Visualfiles) the online platform is straightforward to use.

For a total list of the forms available head to FormEvo.

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