Zylpha and Safedrop formalise partnership for secure legal document delivery

Zylpha, the UK’s leading legal systems innovator has formalised a partnership with safedrop for its widely acclaimed secure delivery software.

The partnership follows the development of an integration that enables Zylpha’s users to email formatted legal document bundles securely via Safedrop.

To ensure compliance and audit best practice, digitally signed delivery and read receipts are then returned to the customer within seconds. Files are encrypted both at rest and en route and remain in Europe at all times to meet European data privacy regulations. In addition, to ensure optimal security, there is also a shredding function for deleting the files after they have been safely received and processed.

Commenting on the partnership Safedrop MD Angus Bradley noted,

“This integration means that Zylpha’s users can now send a formatted bundle quickly and securely to anyone with just a few clicks. Recipients don’t need an account or any special software, just email. As a result, there is no more printing, CD burning or couriers. Nor is one left wondering whether the files have arrived yet. And from a compliance point of view, the integration meets the highest demands of European regulatory and best practice standards.”
“Such instant email delivery will significantly reduce costs for Zylpha’s users and the savings could run into thousands every week. By formalising our partnership we will be able to work closely on ensuring that this approach benefits as many organisations as possible and ultimately becomes an industry best practice.”

For his part Zylpha CEO Tim Long welcomed Angus Bradley’s comments adding,

“Having worked with Safedrop on a number of clients we know that this is an excellent system and one that fits well with our secure delivery systems offering. At these times of intense pressure to reduce costs, such technology can have a huge and positive impact both for practices and in-house lawyers. We look forward to working closely with Angus and his team.”

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